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Monday, August 31, 2009

Save Money With Fabric Softener

Want to know how to save even more money with fabric softener? Try this.

Get a small container with a lid that will hold at least two cups of liquid.
Now take a measuring cup and pour ½ cup of this
Soft Fabric Concentrate into your container.
Next take the same measuring cup and add 1 cup of water to your container.
Now take a washrag that you will dedicate to your laundry as your “laundry sheet”.
Dip the rag in the mixture and squeeze out the extra. It doesn’t have to be squeezed dry – it can drip a little. You just don’t want it running out of the cloth – that would be wasting it.
Now toss it in your dryer with your clothes.

You now have a very inexpensive dryer sheet.
It saves you money and the environment because this
Soft Fabric Concentrate is non toxic and contains no phosphates.
It will not stain your clothes unlike other fabric softeners. And it’s gentle enough even for those who have sensitive skin. Great for baby’s clothes or people with allergies.

You can use a larger container. Just measure one part of fabric softener to two parts of water.

Hope you found this tip helpful. Don’t forget to share this with others.
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