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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Soak The Impossible

Think you have a stain on your clothes that is impossible to come out?

Try this solution:

Take the hottest water your garment can handle and in a small tub mix in the following:
¼ cup of this laundry detergent
Fresh Laundry Concentrate
¼ cup of this all fabric brightener Nature Bright
Scrub stain and let soak

The amount of soaking needed to remove the stain may take an hour or hours or it may take days. If it is set in, it may take days of soaking. Every day swish the solution around, scrub the stain and change the water and detergent mixture after three days.

I have let some items soak for more than a week before. These were stains that got by me unnoticed and were set in by the dryer. I just let it soak for as long as it needed and over time the stain lifted!

Try it, I have never had a stain that didn’t come out using this method.

These detergents are biodegradable, contain no phosphates and are great for those who have allergies and sensitive skin. I wash my baby’s clothes in them! And they are so concentrated, they actually save you money!
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