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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Year Old Skin Problem Clears Up in 7 Months!

A story by Barbara Mulin

When I was 13 years old, my face started breaking out. My sisters had peaches and cream complexions.

My mom felt badly for me, so she started taking me to dermatologists.
Within a 10 year span, I went to 14 different doctors.

Each doctor had his own solution; and all of them included some type of antibiotic. I had salves (that burned), shots in my arm and cortisone shots in my face, dry ice therapy, sun lamp treatments, etc.

Each time my skin would clear up, but then after stopping the treatments, my skin would break out again and get worse. My few pimples turned into acne and I was eventually referred to the head of dermatology at Johns Hopkins. There, they put me on 6 tetracycline tablets a day for 2 years.

Can you imagine taking antibiotics for 2 years – and at such high levels?

I moved to New York when I was 23 years old. One day at my new job, my mom called to say she had made an appointment for me with the head of Columbia Hospital. I started crying and said that I was done. I couldn’t take the ups and downs, the disappointments anymore – I would rather have the acne!

When I got off the phone, Helen, one of the secretaries in the office heard me on the phone. She said, “I have something that will clear up your skin for good. It may take a year, but it will get to the root of the problem.”

She was a beautiful woman – beautiful hair and skin, but she was always taking pills and I thought she must be sick!

There was something so genuine and caring about what she said and how she said it that I was willing to give it a try.

She was very honest and said that my skin might get worse before it could get better because of all the medications I had taken. That it all had to come out so I could get better. And, that made sense to me.

Well, the products she was talking about were Shaklee. I took ONLY 3 products – Energizing Soy Protein, Vita-Lea and Herb-Lax.

At first my skin did start breaking out – but at the same time a lot of other things started happening.

I started sleeping better, my PMS symptoms went away, the skin around my eyes started looking healthier – no more circles, and I had more energy. I started experiencing a feeling of well being that I had NEVER experienced before.

Well, true to Helen’s word, my skin was clear within 7 months.

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