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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cost of a Woman Working a Job Outside of the Home

It appears that the average woman is bringing home about $400-$500 dollars a week. Now there are of course some who make more and some who make less, but this seems to be the average depending on where you live.
The majority of these women have children. By the time they pay for child care, gas, clothing, food, etc they get to keep approximately ½ of their take home pay.
So for being away from their families for 40-50 hours per week they get to keep about $200-$250 of what they earn.
That is sad.
Because we all know that working a job then coming home to “work” your second job, which is taking care of your family, causes a hectic and frazzled lifestyle where one never seems to get caught up. It seems like everyone suffers and no matter how hard they try in every aspect, the woman often ends up feeling guilty on some level.
But what else can they do? When you are counting on every dime to make ends meet, what else is there? There is an alternative.
Now what if I could show you women who make $400-$500 a week and more and they get to stay home with their children? They are there for every school function, play, game, etc. Would you be interested in seeing how they do it?
I was and this is what I found out:
·         You will never get ahead always working for someone else.
·         You will never have real job security working for someone else.
·         You can start up, run and grow your own business without giving up your day job.
·         You can do this in as little as 5-10 hours a week to start out.
·         There are legitimate ways to make a good living for your family and still help others.
·         Its main cost is the determination of wanting something better for you & your family.
Click on the links below to see a just a sampling of real people who gave up the daily grind working for someone else and grabbed hold of the dream of working for themselves and made it work!
Kathy - When successful professional Kathy of Massachusetts couldn't afford to take time off to care for her ailing parents, she started looking for a home-based business.
Theresia – A teacher
If you liked what you heard and you want to learn on how this can work for you, then just click on the link below to fill out the contact form for your free, no obligation information packet.
Don’t waste another minute to see if this will work for you – contact us today to find out for sure!

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