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Friday, April 6, 2012

Save 10% on Water Filters!

Get Clean Water®
Is your drinking water as safe as it could be?

Protect your family and save 10% on filter refills.

Your water may look clean. But the truth is chemicals - such as pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial pollutants - can actually turn up in the tap water your family drinks.
Lead is no exception. Lead from your pipes can leach into your water and cause serious health challenges over time, especially for young children.
And, let’s face it; bottled water is expensive and not good for the environment.
The good news is that cleaner, healthier water is just a pitcher away.
Learn more about safe drinking water by watching this short video: Get Clean Water
Get Clean Beats Leading Brands:
·         Tested and Gold Seal certified by the Water Quality Association to reduce up to 99% of lead, and meets tough NSF/ANSI standards for contaminant reduction.
·         Reduces over 50 contaminants, including mercury, cadmium, atrazine, and total trihalomethanes (disinfection by-products).
·         Filters twice as much water as Brita® and PUR®1—up to 80 gallons—for just pennies a gallon.

It’s Good for the Planet:

·         Each filter keeps 600 16.9 fl. oz. plastic bottles from going to the landfill.
·         Each carbon-block filter is made with sustainable coconut shells, which are more effective in contaminant reduction than the technology used by leading competitors.
·         Each carbon-block filter is produced using a zero-emission process.

Give your family the safest, cleanest drinking water possible for only pennies a day with the Get Clean Water Starter Pack #89099 or Year of Water #89113.

Already have a Pitcher? Don’t forget about the convenience and 10% savings you’ll get when you purchase the Get Clean Water Filter 3-pack #52116 versus purchasing 3 individual filters.

Enjoy how refreshing a cool, clean drink of water can be!

1Compared to Brita and PUR pitcher filters at 40 gallons.
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