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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cinch® Transformation Stories

Below are the winners of the Shaklee Cinch Transformation Contest held this spring. Their inspiring stories remind us that real people leading real lives can and do lose weight in a healthy way, which inspires us all. If they can, we can, too! Congratulations to them!

What They Earned

Each participant selected to share their story received two free registration passes to the 2012 Global Conference in Las Vegas. In addition, the top three in each city receives cash awards as follows:
3rd place in each city - $250
2nd place in each city - $500
1st place in each city - $1,000
And each first-place winner from each city will have a chance to win $10,000 at the 2012 Global Conference in Las Vegas!

Cinch® Transformation Stories - Pleasanton

1st Place - $1000
Melissa Mertogul (Associate, CA)
Lost over 35 lbs. with Cinch®*

Melissa Mertogul 180Melissa Mertogul Before

My 2012 New Year’s resolution was to become an example of the amazing benefits of Shaklee’s Cinch program. 

I started Cinch on January 1, 2012 and have lost over 35 pounds* so far. What amazes me the most about this program is I have never once felt hungry or like I was depriving myself of anything, and I never have cravings for my previous “addiction” to sugar.  
How do I do it?  I sell real estate and am always on the go so I keep a supply of Cinch snack bars and meal-in-a-bars at my office. I have even shared these bars with many of my real estate clients.
I have never had this type of success with any other weight management program.  I recently participated in a 5K run and a half marathon. And I have been able to wear clothes that have not fit me for almost 20 years. Because of Shaklee, I feel healthier than ever. 
I plan to use these products for the rest of my life.

Pleasanton Story Winners
2nd Place - Nary Vin (Senior Coordinator, CA) $500
3rd Place - Martha Montes (Key Coordinator in Qualification, CA) $250

Pleasanton Semi Finalists
Rebecca Harper (Member, CA)
Peter Paul Mendel (Senior Director, CA)

Cinch® Transformation Stories - New York
1st Place Winner - $1000
Duane Hawk (Distributor, PA)
60 lbs. Lost With Cinch®*

Duane Hawk BeforeDuane Hawk 180

My Cinch story begins with me having many health challenges to overcome including obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol.
Because my wife, Lisa, and I are both blind, we experience many challenges including participating in the Cinch program and doing the Shaklee business. But through the steadfast help of our leader, Connie Heckman - who provides us with training and meal plans incorporating healthy food choices - we’re both experiencing amazing changes in our health that we never imagined possible.
People are seeing and hearing about my transformation and that’s resulting in sponsoring – the latest, a Cinch Transformation Pack member!

Also, we just returned from our first cruise and I lost another 3/4” from my waist – proving to me that wherever I am – it’s a Cinch!

New York Story Winners
2nd Place - Brandi Zambelli (Coordinator, PA) $500
3rd Place - Sophia McKenzie (Director, NY) $250
4th Place - Heather Hirsch (Senior Director, NJ) $100

New York Semi Finalists

Melissa Otto (Coordinator, PA)
Bill Prazenka (Director, NY)
Patricia Muddiman (Distributor, VA)
Angela Sedun (Director, PA)
Emilie Rhodes (Member, RI)
Julie Overholser (Director, PA)

Cinch® Transformation Stories - Chicago

1st Place - $1000
Jen Kelly (Member, IL)
Over 150lbs. Lost With Cinch®*

Jen Kelly 180Jen Kelly Before
As of today, I’ve lost over 150 lbs* using the Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss Plan combined with a healthy diet and exercise. 
My life has changed completely over the last four years and a lot of that is because of Shaklee products. I went from not being active and very overweight to a fit and athletic person that now is very active and looking to take on new fitness challenges.
I completed my first Chicago Marathon last year and I never dreamed in a million years that I would attempt to train for something like that.  This year I plan on running two marathons, two ½ marathons and the Tough Mudder in May. 
It is never too late to change your lifestyle and improve your health.  So much of it is about believing in yourself and knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to.
Chicago Story Winners
2nd Place - Elizabeth Stevenson (Associate, IL) $500
3rd Place - Steve Jankus (Associate, IL) $250

Chicago Semi Finalists
Aaron Gottschalk (Director, WI)
Lana Seyller (Director, IL)
Joshua Smith (Director, IN)
Jen Kelly (Member, IL)
Doug Crowe (Distributor, IL)
Sue Grusy (Associate, IL)
Greg Sperry (Distributor, WI)
Zach Dowdy (Director, IL)
Jen Dowdy (Director, IL)

Cinch® Transformation Stories – Dallas

1st Place Winner - $1000
Matt Miller (Distributor, TX) 
Over 40lbs. Lost With Cinch®* 

Mike Miller Before

I grew up in a house where I was expected to eat all my food or I would get in trouble. Because I had a huge appetite, I did what I was told and ate all my food. But because I was an active child, my love for food never became a problem.
Being less active in college, my love for food grew and my weight spiraled out of control. It got to a point where it was even difficult to find affordable health insurance.
Though there are many reasons I wanted to lose weight, the most important one is my family. I have three beautiful girls that depend on me as their mommy's husband and their daddy.
My grandfather died my dad's first day of 8th grade from a heart attack. Although my dad is still alive today, my dad didn't get a chance to know his Dad. I don't want this for my daughters.
I am thankful for Jude Peskuski who sat me down with tears in her eyes and said, “I want you to be around for your precious daughters. They deserve to have a relationship with their daddy.” It was then that I decided to give the Shaklee Cinch plan a 100% go.
Working in the roofing industry and staying very busy and active, this is the first food plan that I have been on that has not only given me the convenience I need but also success without making me hungry.
Because of Shaklee I have lost over 40 pounds the last three months and I now enjoy doing more things with my family that I couldn’t do before like riding roller coasters and running outside with my daughters. 

Dallas Story Winners
2nd Place - Janell Brown (Director, OK) $500
3rd Place - BJ Ellis (Senior Director, TX) $250

Dallas Semi Finalists
Marlene Ochs (Associate, TX)
Kim Soto (Associate, TX)
Judith Hill (Distributor, TX)
Linda Thurstlic (Distributor, TX)
Susie Fogerson (Senior Director, TX)
Betty Woodhouse (Director, TX)
Ella McBride (Director, TX)


Cinch® Transformation Stories – Nashville

1st Place - $1000
Julie Wiley (Distributor, TN)
115lbs. Lost With Cinch®* 

Julie Wiley BeforeJulie Wiley 180

1989 marks the beginning of my weight gain. I was a divorced, single mom with four young children working 60 hours per week in a factory, eating fast food, and stressed beyond measure.
I found myself with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fluid retention, and absolutely no energy. Desperate, I tried a low-carb diet but gave up because I became very depressed. 
Then, I started a well-known  weight loss program but all the calculating drove me crazy. Finally, I just quit trying. In February 2011, with health challenges continuing, I made up my mind to lose 100 pounds. 
By counting calories and making healthier choices, I lost two-and-a half pounds per month for the next four months. Discouraged, I calculated that at this rate, it would take me three years to meet my 100-lb. goal. Then, along came Cinch in June 2011.
By adding Cinch, I went from losing two-and-a-half pounds per month to losing an average of 10 pounds per month*--quadrupling my rate of loss. As of April 2012, I have lost 115 pounds and 59 inches* and gone from size 22 to size 12! 
My cholesterol and blood pressure levels have improved, I can play with my grandchildren, and life is good! Thank you, Shaklee! Thank you, Roger! 
Nashville Story Winners
2nd Place - Joseph Markham (Director, TN) $500
3rd Place - Becky Camp (Distributor, TN) $250
4th Place - Samuel Lewis (Distributor, TN) Garmin® GPS

Nashville Semi Finalists
Marcia Norfleet (Senior Executive Coordinator, TN)
Tara Dulin (Senior Coordinator, TN)
Andrew Widdowson (Distributor, VA)
Justin Zaiontz (Associate, TN)
Terry Meeks (Distributor, TN)
Keith Steineman (Director, IN)

Congratulations to all who entered and won by losing weight and inches!

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*Results not typical. In a preliminary study of the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, participants on average lost 15.4 pounds in 12 weeks.

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