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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grow May Flowers – With Ease!

We like to grow our own flowers and vegetable plants from seed. Not only does it save money, it’s fun for kids to plant seeds, care and water them and watch them grow into beautiful flowers and yummy vegetables.

I couldn’t imagine doing so without using Basic-H. Yep, the product I wash my car with and clean my floors, I use to help our garden grow. And so do many organic farmers!

Basic-H has long been used as a surfactant in farming and you can easily use it in your own garden.*

When planting seeds Mix 1/2 oz. Basic-H to 1 gallon water; pour this mixture into the seed furrow before placing seeds.

For outdoor plants (foliar feeding) Mix 1/2 oz. Basic-H to 4 gallons
water. Spray every 7-9 days; apply in the evening or on dark days.
I often will pour ½ oz into a Miracle Grow type feeder that hooks to hose, turn on “feed” then go back over and “rinse” with just water. You do not want to leave the Basic-H mixture on the leaves.

For tomatoes Mix 5-6 drops (not quite 1 teaspoon) to 16 oz. water. Apply to ground around the plant, not directly on the plant.

For small trees and shrubs Mix 1/2 teaspoon Basic-H to 1 gallon water; apply with watering can or hose applicator and rinse.

Basic-H -  the most versatile and best loved product!

*Note: Shaklee Corporation does not officially suggest using Basic H2 in the garden and only sells the Basic-H  Classic as the actual surfactant. The Basic-H2 is just a more concentrated version of the classic version. Not responsible for damage to plants.

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