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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Everyone

We wish you and your families a safe and happy Memorial Day.

As we enjoy this official start of summer, I am reminded of the real reason we celebrate this day.

Let us take a moment as we sit down to our picnics and grill outs and say a prayer of thanks for all those who gave their lives in service to us and our country. Let us also say a prayer for those who are still giving their all.

I also say a prayer for all the husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and other family members who are missing and worrying constantly about their loved ones. I can’t imagine how sad and hard holidays must be for those families who have lost their loved one. It must be hard on all of them to see families gathered together when their family is incomplete.

I was reminded of how these soldiers are currently facing today’s horrors of this ugly war the other day. I was at the racetrack when a young couple came in wanting to take some engagement pictures on the starting line. I am assuming they met there and wanted to take some cool photos.

This young man is going over to Afghanistan soon and it broke my heart to look at his innocent young face. As a mother I couldn’t help but look at him as a mama and worry. I thought of his own mother and how she probably wishes she could put her arms around him and protect him like when he was a baby.  I didn’t even know this young man and wanted to do the same. That protective mama instinct sure is strong.

Later, I fought back a tear as they drove away in happy bliss, but with a dark cloud of the unknowing following right behind them. I said a silent prayer for his safety and that he will return home to his future bride soon.

A friend commented to me that if he does come back, he will different. He will be forever changed from what he experiences.

This makes me angry at this stupid war and angry at the politicians who let it go on. I know nothing is simple, but I also know this war is not in our best interest and too many young men and women have died because of it. I pray it ends soon.

But most of all I pray for this one young man an all the others a safe and speedy return home to the ones who truly love them and miss them.

I remember all those who gave all and pray for those willing to give all for us and I say thank you.


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