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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Success Story: New Sr. Executive Coordinator Tonya Mann, MI

Tonya Mann

Congratulations to Tonya Mann, new FastTRACK Executive Coordinator and now Senior Executive Coordinator! Since coming to Shaklee in February 2011, she’s earned four trips, including the Fall 2011 New Directors Conference, the Dream 2011 Incentive Trip to Atlantis, the Dream 2012 Incentive Trip to the Mayan Rivera, and the Top Achievers International Trip to Kenya, as well as $34,000 in FastTRACK bonuses and a Dream Car bonus! Check out her story and some of her tips for FastTRACK success!

I was a therapist for 15 years working with children and elderly clients who had all types of challenges from mild learning disabilities to terminal illness. After my second child was born with structural breathing issues that involved back and forth trips to specialists and many surgeries, I decided I needed to become a stay at home mom.
But I missed working with people, so my friend introduced me to a networking marketing opportunity that I could do on my own time, from my own home and still focus on my family.
The first time I learned about Shaklee was at a local health fair and I fell in love with the cleaning products. When I arrived at Shaklee, Jennifer Glacken (Senior Master Coordinator, IL) was my first contact and she had me at ‘Hello’ with her product knowledge and what she had achieved.

After listening to Roger Barnett’s story and why he bought the company I was ready to sign up. The Dream Plan with its team-based focus became icing on the cake for me.

Shaklee felt like coming home after you have been away on a trip. I knew I was with the right company, the best products, and the hardest working corporate staff I have ever met. 

Shaklee cleaning products and supplements have truly impacted our family in so many healthy ways. We are Shaklee lifers! And the additional income has helped us pay off credit cards, make extra payments on our mortgage and make donations to some wonderful causes.
The biggest success for me, in Shaklee, is that we have had the ability to share Shaklee with those we care about. We’re helping our team get healthier and earn additional income to benefit their families.
To watch those you introduce Shaklee fall in love with the products for the first time and see how the products impact their family members in such a positive way is very rewarding.
There are so many that have been an integral part of our success with Shaklee. I’m thankful for Roger Barnett and his leadership.  I’m also very grateful to Bo Short (Master Coordinator, VA) my mentor, and Jennifer Glacken, our amazing upline support and product guru. And the members of the Home Office Team, including Marcie Johnson, Joe Torres, Kristen Cunningham and Juan Cuevas, have worked tirelessly for our team.

Most importantly, I am grateful for my children Kiley and Morgan, whose patience and encouragement always amaze me.

Tonya’s Tips for Success:
·         Make a list of those you want to contact and write down your goals. I think when you write down what you want to accomplish or who you want to contact it becomes real and makes you accountable for your goals.
·         Take advantage of Shaklee University and other training sources to learn more about what Shaklee has to offer. Training helps you feel more confident about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s so important to know where you can find the answers and know that you don’t have to know everything!
·         Step out of your comfort zone at least once a day. That is where the success is. By stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you may not normally do, you are building your confidence and comfort level in all areas of communication and building business relationships.

We find that those who use these tools are the people who are seeing the most success in Shaklee in their first 30-90 days.
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