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Friday, May 18, 2012

Try This New Drink Combo! You’ll Think You’re Drinking a Pop!

I love the Cinch Energy Tea, both the unsweetened and the pomegranate. And I never thought I would like anything tasting like pomegranate, but I love this!

I also love the both flavors of the Performance sports drink.

But leave it to my husband to try and make up his own drink! See, he doesn’t care much for the taste of tea, either hot or cold, but he loves the energy boost he gets from the Cinch teas and he loves the Performance drinks.

So he decided to mix them and here is what he did:

In approximately 10 oz of cold water he mixed one packet of the Pomegranate Cinch Tea with 2 heaping teaspoons of the Orange Performance and mixed it up. He put it in a bottle and shook it up real good.

The reaction from both of us was, “Wow!” To me it tastes like I’m drinking a sweet pop, but without all the sugar or calories. I’m estimating the calories to be around 30-35 is all! 
My husband thought it tasted like a carbonated fruit punch. 

Either way, it was a great way to get that sweet drink like a pop or fruit juice without all the added calories and sugar.

This would be a great replacement for those who love pop, but are trying to cut back and we all know if you just cut out pop you will start to lose weight immediately. 

It would also be great for those who need to watch how much sugar they consume such as diabetics.

Hmmm. I wonder what I could mix with the Lemon Lime Performance?

So try this drink and tell us what you think and don’t be afraid to try combinations on your own. Just be sure to share with us your favorites.

For more info or to order Cinch teas click here: Cinch Energy Teas

For more info or to order Orange Performance click here: Orange flavored Performance (also available in Lemon Lime)

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