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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thinning Hair and the Power of ProSanté


The effects of common internal and external stresses—including stress, poor diet and nutrition, oxidation from free radicals, and environmental pollutants—can shut down or depress hair follicles, shortening the active phase of hair bulbs and causing more and more bulbs to experience an extended resting phase.

Over time, the result is thinner, weaker, and less manageable hair. What’s more, heat and chemicals from styling and processing can severely damage hair. 50% of all men and 40% of women by the age of 35 will experience hair damage and thinning related to that damage.

Independent clinical studies have shown the following results with consistent use of the ProSanté system of products.
                                                                       30 Days      60 Days     90 Days
Reduction of hair loss during combing      11%             54%             65%
Decrease in the number of broken hairs   37%             61%             73%
Percentage of subjects that noted an
increase in the thickness of their hair         46%             52%             61%

What They’re Saying…..

 For the past five years, I’ve been steadily losing my hair... In August 2002, I was introduced to ProSanté by Shaklee and after reading about its clinical research, I decided to try the system. After about a month of using it, my wife observed that my bald spot was disappearing. Today, after six weeks of use, my bald spot has totally grown over! –Noel Gayle

The ProSanté Purifying Shampoo took all of the mousse, hairspray and wax buildup off of my hair, leaving it squeaky clean but not stripped and dried out…My hair felt thicker and had more volume. I cannot say enough about just this one product!–Linda Mann

To support an optimal environment for healthy-looking hair, the whole range of stresses faced by the scalp must be addressed. ProSanté’s Nourishing Scalp Treatment contains highest concentration of Shaklee’s naturally derived exclusive Scalp Health Complex, containing 10 vitamins, minerals, and herbs. The Nourishing Scalp Treatment helps you restore and retain the vibrant and healthy appearance of thick, lustrous, bouncy and manageable hair.


_ Men and women of all ages and all hair types, even color or chemically treated hair
_ Anyone with thin or thinning hair
_ Anyone with damaged hair
_ People experiencing dry, itchy, flaky scalp
_ Anyone who would like to take a nature-based approach to enjoying thicker,
stronger, volumized hair

ProSanté Nourishing Scalp Treatment
Normalizes scalp to provide the optimal environment for thick, healthy hair

Nourishing Scalp Treatment gets to the root of hair problems with a highly derma-available serum that stimulates circulation, protects against environmental assaults,
and provides nourishing ingredients to the scalp.

The result is hair that stays strong from the inside out even when chemically processed,
more resistant to breaking and splitting, and maintains vibrant and healthy-looking thickness, bounce, and lustrous shine.

_ Contains exclusive Scalp Health Complex, a unique combination of 10 derma-available vitamins, minerals and herbs that nourishes and revitalizes scalp and hair
_ Provides a nature-based approach to normalizing the scalp to provide an optimal environment for thick, healthy hair
_ No-rinse formula is gentle enough to use every day for immediate benefits and increasing results
_ Safe for all hair types, even colored or chemically treated hair
_ Clean, botanical scent; no added fragrance
_ Dermatologist tested
_ Clinically formulated
_ Allergy-tested
_ Won’t clog hair follicles
_ Not tested on animals

~For more information on or to order ProSanté Nourishing Scalp Treatment visit our website -  ToBeHealthy - ProSanté

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