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Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Just 2.5 Minutes Of Intense Exercise A Day Can Make You Slim! Do You Buy That?

From Dan’s Bullets. (I just had to add some of my own comments in places)
Can’t find the time to get to the gym or don’t want to go for a jog in the rain? You may finally have run out of excuses.

Scientists say that intense exercise for just two and a half minutes a day could help keep the pounds off.
Wow! 2 ½ minutes? I’m skeptical, but interested.

A study shows that concentrated effort can burn as many as 200 extra calories, provided the spurts are broken up with longer periods of easy recovery.

No pain, no gain: During the study the men did 30 seconds of high intensity exercise, followed by four minutes of rest.
It is the latest evidence to support High Intensity Training (HIT), whereby a number of short bursts of intense exercise are teamed with short recovery breaks in between.

Although HIT is not new, recent research suggests it can deliver the same physical benefits as traditional endurance training.

Researcher Kyle Sevits said: “Research shows that many people start an exercise program, but just can’t keep it up.” The biggest factor people quote is that they don’t have the time to fit in exercise. We hope if exercise can be fitted into a smaller period of time, they may give it a go.”

Although official guidelines state adults should do 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, many fail to achieve this.

During a three-day study, five healthy men, all between the ages of 25 and 31, lived in a sealed off room so that their oxygen, carbon dioxide and water levels could be monitored to calculate how many calories they burnt. (Who could live in a sealed off room for 3 days? I hoped they compensated them well!)

They were also given a diet precisely tailored to meet their energy requirements. For two of the days, they spent most of their time in sedentary activities, such as using a computer.

On the last day they performed five 30-second sprint workouts at high resistance on a stationary bicycle.

Each burst was separated by a four-minute period of recovery in which the men pedaled slowly with little resistance. The results found the volunteers burned an extra 200 calories on average over the workout day.

Although the researchers cannot prove the technique leads to weight loss, it suggests that intense, but brief, bursts of exercise could help people maintain their weight. Aha, not lose weight, but maintain it.

Mr. Sevits, of Colorado State University, which conducted the research, said burning an extra 200 calories a couple of times a week could combat average weight gain of a couple of pounds each year.

‘Motivating yourself can be very hard. The way this could work in the real world is with the guidance of a personal trainer,’ he added. OK, but not all of us can afford a personal trainer nor want one.

Experts believe HIT improves insulin sensitivity, which is important for keeping blood glucose levels stable, possibly because it uses more muscles than conventional aerobic training.

It may also help to break down stored glucose in muscles.

But scientists warn not everyone responds to this form of training because genes play a part in determining whether you gain any benefit. Oh great, another way to say it’s not my fault, I have bad genes. That excuse is getting old. I could say that, but I know the main reason I have trouble with weight gain is I eat more calories than I spend!

Anyone with medical conditions should seek medical advice before undertaking it, they added.
I think that any exercise program you undertake is a good idea, as long as you do not have a health condition that would prevent you from doing it safely. Adding short, but intense bursts of aerobic activity has always been a good way to rev up your fat burning, but it would be naive to think that all you have to do is exercise is 2 ½ minutes a day. We all know that it just isn’t that easy, for if it were then I would be a skinny Minnie just from trying to do speed cleaning and chasing after kids! We all would, right?
I think this study is seriously flawed, though I like the title.
What are your thoughts?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Health & Wellness Update: Your Immune System

It's October. That means shorter days, colder temperatures, and winter right around the corner. From now through May it's also the time of year we call cold and flu season. In fact, the average adult gets two to three colds a year, and every year about 200,000 people are hospitalized because of the flu.

If you get sick, that's trouble. You won't be able to keep up with your kids, your spouse, coworkers, and friends. Simply put, there's just no time for illness! Protect your health so you can protect your family, and start early to stay strong all winter.

Below are some ways we recommend to keep you healthy. Click on these short articles and learn how to keep healthy!

Your Almighty Immune System – Learn what makes it work.

Five Key Strategies for Staying Healthy this Winter - Give these prevention strategies a try. They’re nothing new, but worth a refresher look.

Video: Discover Interferon – Watch this short video on the discoverer of Intereferon and how it works in the body.

Don’t forget to take our 30 Day Health Challenge! - We challenge you to try us for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, or you do not feel better, we’ll refund your money! Find out here – 30 Day Health Challenge

Want to learn more about your immune system? Want to know what products help best with boosting your immune system? Contact us to learn more!

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Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your Almighty Immune System

(From Shaklee Health Sciences)

Your immune system’s got your back. And your front. All of you, inside and out. Good thing, too, because you’re surrounded by bacteria all the time. A tiny square inch of your skin can contain 50 million of them. Most are harmless. But some, such as viruses, can be downright dangerous. As a catchall, we call them germs.

Your body has powerful microscopic armed forces to combat germs. Billions of white blood cells vigilantly patrol through the blood stream. Special fighting units, cells in your bloodstream called macrophages (Greek for big eaters) attack germs by surrounding them and digesting them. Other cells make powerful chemicals called antibodies. They are anti, or against, these foreign bodies and attack the outsides of germs. They team with other specialized germ fighters called T cells.
Each kind of germ has an outer layer that’s different than those on other germs. Antibodies your body produced to fight off last year’s flu virus can’t get a grip on this year’s model. So your immune system has to go back to the drawing board and make new antibodies. But the good news is germs can’t fool your immune system twice. Once your body has withstood an attack by a specific germ, the antibody making cells remain on alert. They're ready to rumble if the same germs show up again.
Last but not least, your immune system makes the almighty fighter interferon. It interferes with invading viruses trying to replicate themselves inside your cells. Interferon also helps activate macrophages and other immune defenses, including natural killer cells (cells that detect and start killing tumor cells) even before antibodies attach to their outsides, providing a crucial and early assault.
You’re immune system may be complex, but some simple lifestyle habits can help keep it strong. A healthful diet, exercise, supplements, lowering stress, and more can make a difference in maintaining a healthy immune system. Take care of your immune system, so it can take care of you.
For more information or for ordering immune boosting products, visit Immune Support.

Five Key Strategies for Staying Healthy this Winter

(From Shaklee Health Sciences)

Americans get more than one billion colds a year. So why is it that we have smartphones but still no cure for colds and flu? It's because we're dealing with smart viruses. Any one of hundreds of viruses could launch a cold or flu attack, and chances are that this year's flu virus won't be the same as last year's. That's because viruses have the uncanny ability to constantly morph into new variations, making it nearly impossible to develop a simple cure.

Having said that, there's still much you can do to stay strong and healthy all winter. Talk to your doctor about the best ways to protect yourself and give these prevention strategies a try:
Wash Your Hands: Washing hands remains the most effective way to protect yourself and your family from colds and flu. Lather, rinse, repeat throughout the day. Do it long enough to sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

Get Enough Sleep: Sleep may be your immune system’s secret weapon, according to recent scientific research. Less than seven hours of sleep a night made people three times more likely to catch a cold than those who got eight or more hours of zzzs.

Exercise: While very vigorous physical activity (like running a marathon) can put a damper on your immune system, most scientists agree that moderate physical activity actually helps boost the immune cells that fight off invaders.

Fuel Yourself with Good Nutrition: An orange a day (along with strawberries, bell peppers, potatoes, and other vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables) can help keep the doctor away. Lean meat, fish, and other protein sources also provide the amino acids needed to help maintain your immune system. Don’t forget to fill in nutritional gaps with immune supporting nutrients like zinc and vitamins D, A, C and E. Harvard scientists even suggest vitamin D supplements may help reduce the occurrences of colds. The scientists found low vitamin D levels in nearly 20,000 Americans increased their cold and flu risk.

Power up with Plant Extracts: Scientific research has led to the discovery of a combination of plant extracts that naturally boost the body’s own production of interferon, a component of the immune system that helps fight off viruses. Other plant compounds found in elderberry and echinacea extracts can help, too. Take these when you feel the first sign of something coming on, and continue taking them for about a week as needed.

For more information on our products please visit: To Be Healthy

Video: Discover Interferon

Poor nutritional habits are becoming a national epidemic. Fast food sales have increased by 2,000% over the past 30 years and 90% of Americans fall short in getting all the essential nutrients they need from diet alone. But you are in control. Countless studies show nutrition supplementation can positively affect your health. Watch this video to learn more!

To  learn more about Interferon and how it works along with NutriFeron, Shaklee's Interferon product made in partnership with Dr. Kojima, see the video below:

For more information on NuriFeron or to order, please visit: NutriFeron

Monday, October 15, 2012

Take the 30 Day Health Challenge!

The pursuit of good health is a lifelong endeavor. Each day you make choices that will either improve your health or harm it. 

Studies show that if you don't eat right, get to a healthy weight, exercise regularly, and supplement your diet with proper nutrients, you increase your risk of developing certain diseases such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Good health is a choice, which means that disease (in many cases) also is a choice.

Choose to take our 30 Day Health Challenge!

We challenge you to try us for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, or you do not feel better, we’ll refund your money!

Are you up for the challenge? Take our products for 30 days and feel the difference for yourself!


·        YOU decide which product pack below is right for you.
·        We have provided two simple options.
                  1.    One contains virtually everything you would want.
                  2.    The other contains the bare minimum of what you need.

We highly recommend option number one! And that's why we have attached a FREE OFFER to it!

Because they are from Shaklee, they are ALWAYS SAFE!

Option #1: Vitalizer + Vita D3
Backed by over 55 years of nutritional science, a first-of-its-kind Landmark Study, 12 clinical trials, and with formulations that target the specific health needs of men, women and active adults, Shaklee VITALIZER is the first step toward an optimal nutritional foundation!

VITALIZER is the most advanced multinutrient supplement pack in the marketplace today, and it features a patent-pending delivery system designed to enhance absorption of key nutrients. 

VITALIZER is more than just a single multivitamin—with 80 bio-optimized nutrients clinically proven to create a foundation for a longer, healthier life, it's the only comprehensive multinutrient supplement pack you need!

It comes in 4 choices:
  •       Vitalizer for Men (without iron)
  •       Vitalizer for Women (contains iron)
  •       Vitalizer Gold for anyone age 50+ with Vit. K
  •       Vitalizer Gold for anyone 50+ without Vit. K

All delivered in one convenient little strip! (See below) And because it's from Shaklee, you know it's always safe!

PLUS! You will receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP that provides you with a 15% discount on ALL the incredible natural products Shaklee has to offer in our catalog! (A $19.95 Gift just for taking The 30 Day Health Challenge!)

Virtually everything you would want in a basic personal nutrition program!
Vitalizer has a generous 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 already inside each strip. However, additional vitamin D3 is recommended to obtain and maintain a healthy vitamin D level in the body.

Have you heard of all the recent studies done on how important a healthy Vitamin D level is for the body?  Many people are severely deficient in Vitamin D and just increasing their Vitamin D levels can prevent or help treat a remarkable number of ailments.  

 Dr. Oz Says: “If I could pick one Vitamin to push to EVERYBODY, it’s VITAMIN D!

            “If Vitamin D were a drug, its benefits would make it the most popular ever!
- Bill Sardi - Medical Writer and Author

ASK YOUR DOCTOR about the overwhelming research that is currently making headlines in numerous published clinical studies and the stunning information found in virtually every respected medical journal in health care!

Option #1 Total Cost, including the FREE Membership: $87.20 or just $2.90 per day (plus tax & shipping) For less than a value meal, you can feel better in 30 days!

Are you ready?

If you are up for the challenge, click below and you will be taken to our contact form where you can provide your preferred way to be contacted, either via phone or email where we will provide you with our 30 Day Health Challenge form and get you started on the way to better health!

Or you can contact us via email and we will help you get started!


Option #2: Vita-Lea & Vita D-3

For those who would like to take it slower or who may be looking for a more budget conscious solution to their nutritional needs, we have Option #2 available for the 30 Day Health Challenge.

This is a great, cost effective way for ANYONE to participate! For one low price you actually will receive enough products for two months! This also could be a perfect chance to ask a family member to join you for a 30 Day Challenge of their own! Either way, you are going to love the results! GUARANTEED!!

Many health experts recommend that all adults take a multivitamin daily to support overall well-being. But taking just any supplement may not provide the comprehensive nutrition your body needs.

Vita-Lea is a premium formulation supported by seven clinical studies and combines the best ingredients with extraordinary quality, providing 23 essential vitamins and critical minerals needed by adults.

The recommended minimum of what you need to get started on the path to a healthier you!

Our Vita-D3 supplement contains 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3, the most potent form of Vitamin D. Clinically supported and proven to significantly raise blood levels of Vitamin D.

Option #2 Total Cost, NOT including the Membership:
$38.95 or just $.65 per day (plus tax & shipping)

(Enough for a 2 month supply for one person)

This price does not include membership fee of $19.95. You can also purchase at retail price which is 15% higher and still receive the 100% money back guarantee. Most people get the membership to save money and receive additional benefits and savings available only to members. The membership fee soon pays for itself and is also refundable if you are not satisfied.

Are you ready?

If you are up for the challenge, click below and you will be taken to our contact form where you can provide your preferred way to be contacted, either via phone or email where we will provide you with our 30 Day Health Challenge form and get you started on the way to better health!

Or you can contact us via email and we will help you get started!

*Statements regarding products on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Giveaway: Shaklee Immunity Pack

girl on bikeStart strong to stay strong!
From the Power of Shaklee Oct. 2012
Shaklee is giving away a Shaklee Immunity Pack on the Shaklee Corporation Facebook page starting midnight Pacific on Friday, October 5, 2012
To enter, go to and click on the WIN application at the top of the page. The contest will run for two weeks and officially closes on Friday, October 19, 2012, at midnight Pacific.
This giveaway offers great products for mom, dad and the kids!
The Shaklee Immunity Pack includes the following (Retail value of $342.70) Click on the links for more info about the products:
Share your sweepstakes entry on Facebook and receive two additional referrals for each person who clicks on the link and enters!
The contest is only open to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry. No Purchase Necessary. For Official Rules please see the Shaklee Corporation Facebook page WIN application.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Success Story: Sandy Dietrich

Tim and Sandy Dietrich
Transformation starts with a desire to change and a decision to do so. And the beauty of transformation is that it can come at any time, just ask 18-year Shaklee Business Leader Sandy Dietrich. 
Since the 2010 Global Conference in Anaheim, Sandy and her husband Tim have increased their Business Leader count by four first levels, increased their OV to over 30,000 a month and achieved qualification for the Dream 2012 Incentive Trip to the Mayan Riviera and the 2012 Top Achievers International Trip to Kenya. Check out their story and what Sandy did to make the shift in her business!
My sister invited me to a Healthy Home presentation where I was introduced to Shaklee products and the company. I got involved for the nutrition products to help my family live healthier. At the time, I had quit full-time work to be a stay-at-home mom with our first son, but was still substitute teaching part-time.
We were shown the Shaklee opportunity and our first goal was to get our products paid for, but we quickly saw the possibility for greater income in the future, including a Shaklee car bonus, family van, family vacations, and a larger home in the country.
Two events stand out as having a big impact on our thinking in terms of what we could achieve with our Shaklee business. The first event was the first convention we went to in San Francisco on Shaklee's 40th anniversary and the second event was two years ago at the Global Conference in Anaheim. Our income had been around $25,000 for many years but at Anaheim, I decided to take consistent action toward building a larger business. Something clicked and I was going to become a better leader and help more people consistently.
Today, our family enjoys wonderful health and vitality due to the Shaklee products. Because of the personal growth that has taken place, we have a more positive family outlook on life.  We enjoy the most wonderful friendships through Shaklee. We have our new home in the country on 8 acres. We have additional income to take the stress off of the financial burdens of life and are able to share what we have been blessed with.
If you would like to own your own business and have the kind of success that Sandy has, you can contact us for more information with no obligation
If you are interested in owning your own business with very little start up costs, please contact us by filling out our no obligation Contact Form or email us at
You can start your own business for as little as $49.95 as a Distributor.
We have 5 different entry levels available and we will be happy to work with you at whatever level you choose.

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and positions are limited. 

Please visit our Member Center to learn more.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Video: Weight-Loss Tips, Myths, and Pointers

If you missed the live version of this talk, watch it here.
Weight-loss tips, myths, and pointers with Dr. Jamie McManus and Pamela Riggs!

For more information click here – Learn About Cinch!
To try it now and get the 4th month free click here – Buy Cinch Now!

(We apologize for the occasional audio issues on this video - we are trying to fix this problem)


I would like to share with you a very touching story that happened with one of my newer customers.

A lady who was referred to me by her daughter called me and asked me if I had advice on how to help some of her female issues. After asking her lots of questions and listening very carefully I told her that we have help.

Then I don't remember how we got into a discussion about her 17 year old son who has ADHD and has a very hard time concentrating. He is jumping out is skin from nervousness and turns the whole house into chaos when he comes home.

Again after asking loads of more questions and getting the full spectrum of the story I advised her on a vitamin regimen.

After she agreed to purchase what I advised, she ordered the stuff. I signed her up as a Shaklee member with over 100 pv order and sent her a form that spelled out the program so she can put it on the refrigerator and not forget how to give it to him.

2 days after she received everything I left to San Francisco for the masters summit. When I returned home after being away for a full week I was listening to my messages and noticed that she called me. I called her back and she says to me "Sarah does it make sense that this is working so fast? You gave me a new child" Of course I encouraged her that it could work fast and was very lucky that she was seeing results. She also told me that his tutor was very pleased with his new concentration level and that he didn't have to repeat himself so often.

Yesterday she called me for an order to replace some of the stuff that he finished and then wanted a vitamin program for her daughter and for herself. Then she went on to tell me numerous times "I have a new son, I have a new son" She told me that she referred my name to an agency that help kids in her sons situation plus many friends and family. Last but not least she asks me "does it make sense for me to do the Shaklee business?" I was stunned.

The moral of this story is Shaklee is the best company with the best products, if we educate ourselves a bit, learn to ask questions and more so learn to really listen, and then with honest intentions try to help another human being then the results are far beyond our wildest expectations.

Sarah S
The regiment that her son is taking is as follows
 2 vita lea daily
 6 b-complex daily
 1 stress relief daily
 6 super cal mag daily
 1 zinc daily
 6 omega 3 daily
 9 lecithin daily
 3 Acuity in the morning only

Before we started this program I asked her if she wants to go full force or start with minimum and she told me she would go full force just omit the protein shake. I still keep pushing towards the shake; I truly believe it will build his long term health.

The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. Click Here to fill out contact form.

or you can email us at


I have a 17 year old son that used Shaklee, no medications. He was diagnosed when he was 7 and although he still notices his tendency to be distracted, he has managed it and on his HS exit testing he no longer tested ADHD.

We used Shaklee among our approach it managing Steven's ADHD. We made many food changes as a family, used swimming (after trying a variety of activities) to burn excess energy and build self esteem and worked as a family to give him what he needed. We surrounded him with peers (through swimming) that were a good influence and tried to direct him away from those other impulsive children. ADHD squared, or to the 3rd power when you start gathering them together. Hahaha

It is not easy. It takes a parent who is willing to do the best for their child---seems like an oxymoron, however there are many parents who aren't willing to make the sacrifices.

It takes a willing child. Mine was younger---had no choice in the matter.
I am not trying to be pessimistic. I am thrilled with the decision we made and would do it
all over again.

Side benefits----the whole family got healthier, we did not drug away our son's awesome personality and ability to talk to anyone, Steven is now a college student (he started during summer to get a boost for the year----happily), he will be swimming for the school because that helps structure his day, he is good, and teammates and coaches will keep him on task. He has learned how to use tools to benefit him (ie the swimming).

Best benefit-----when he coaches, lifeguards or just sees an out of control child, I get one of his awesome hugs and a Big Thank for not letting that be him.

Steven takes the gamut of Shaklee products. We use Shaklee in our household. Best advice when you remove a bad food, replace it with something good.

Lisa S

The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. Click Here to fill out contact form.

or you can email us at


My name is Catrina L. I recently joined Shaklee as a Distributor. The main reason (initially) was to get my oldest (7 years old ) off a lot of the medication he's taking to control his Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Depression.

I wanted to start him on a good program of supplements, Shaklee had just that!! It has helped tremendously!!! We still have our days, but he is doing much better, and know I am demanding (not asking) the Psychiatrist to start taking him off the medication dosages. This will be a gradual thing, their little bodies don't adjust to things like ours do.

I also started to listen to some of the tapes I was getting from my Leader on the effects of chemicals (not the harsh stuff you would normally think of, but everyday things!!) on our little people. They noticed that having a "normal" child exposed (just a open cleaning product container in the same room) can cause "false" symptoms or exaggerated symptoms of Dyslexia (where they write a lot of letters backward and have difficulty reading), ADHDODD, Allergies, and Sicknesses....... Take the chemical out of the picture and the child is able to function "normally" again !!!!!

Our little ones are bombarded by this stuff on a daily base! In the schools they use VERY harsh chemicals, in your homes laundry soap stays in the fabric, cleaning chemicals under the sink give off fumes in the air (remember the smell of the cleaning aisle in the store !!) , there are chemicals on and in our food and the list goes on and on !!!! I wanted to get "as much as possible" out of my sons we went completely Shaklee !!! BIG difference!!!!

After we cleared out the chemicals and started to clean and laundry in Shaklee, his rash on his face cleared, all of our sinus infections cleared up, my husband now comments on the smell of homemade bread : and best of all my son has calmed down a great deal !!! If you can, get as many if not all of the chemicals out of your children's (and yours for that matter) environment, I'm sure you will all be healthier and happier for it!!! I know we are!!!

Then after your system has had a chance to get use to being "less chemically dependent" pay close attention to how your children (especially the ones who are normally really very active) behave when they get anywhere near a cleaning isle in a store !!! My son was uncontrollable after just passing by the cleaning isle at Wal-Mart one day!! No joke!!

Catrina L 2007

The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. Click Here to fill out contact form.

or you can email us at

Testimony: ADD

I'm an adult with ADD but was never diagnosed. Scanning my old report cards, I see "doesn't concentrate, can't stay on task, has focusing problems". All I knew growing up was that I seemed to be on a different page than everyone else.

I'm the mother of 2 girls. Niki is 21 and I'm soooo proud of her. She is in Military Intelligence with the Army and is fluent in Russian and Spanish. With the physical and mental challenges she faces, she grabs a handful of B Complex and knows she can get through anything.

Then, there is Kristina, my 13 year old. Diagnosed at 4 with ADHD, I knew from birth she was different. The doctor put her on Ritalin but it didn't work. We tried something else but she was getting worse. I was in nursing school and studying everything on ADD but having no success.

At 7, medication kept her from sleeping so we had to put her on more medicine to sleep. She would disappear in the middle of the night. Often we found her on her bike. She developed ODD. Screaming episodes would last for hours plus head banging and destroying everything in her path.

At 10, she developed bipolar, became suicidal and was flunking school. Either my husband or I had to watch her through the night. Medicine wasn't working. After much soul searching we decided to put her in a mental institution to get her stabilized and give us a chance to regroup.

When she came out we tried another drug but she was developing liver problems. God answered my prayers when a woman came to me who knew I was teaching ADD programs at 2 colleges and asked if I'd be willing to explore a nutritional approach. I investigated Shaklee and took Kristina off her medicines.

The doctors called me an unfit mother and said she would get worse.
Well, 3 ½ years later, my daughter is on the honor roll and shows no signs of ODD or bipolar. She was allergic to many things in the home and also hypoglycemic. The vitamins help her think and control herself.

Depending on how she feels when she awakens, she picks out which vitamins to take.
Her basic program included 2 Multi-Vitamins, 3 GLA, 4 Lecithin, 3 Ginkgo biloba, 3 B Complex and Soy Protein. And, we changed brands throughout our home. The biggest culprit is the laundry.

She still has ADD but I've taught her adaptations to compensate. As a nurse, I would have never believed this but I have my daughter back and she is a pure pleasure. Her doctor is awestruck and sends his clients to me for evaluations and ideas.

I continue to teach ADD/ADHD with an emphasis on nutrition and alternative solutions. Who knows where my daughter would be or in what condition if we had continued the drug approach?

Thank you!

Sharon Panuska RN

Here's an interesting fact - According to Sharon, most moms with ADD kids are using
Tide and Bounce!

The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. Click Here to fill out contact form.

or you can email us at

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