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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Success Story: Sandy Dietrich

Tim and Sandy Dietrich
Transformation starts with a desire to change and a decision to do so. And the beauty of transformation is that it can come at any time, just ask 18-year Shaklee Business Leader Sandy Dietrich. 
Since the 2010 Global Conference in Anaheim, Sandy and her husband Tim have increased their Business Leader count by four first levels, increased their OV to over 30,000 a month and achieved qualification for the Dream 2012 Incentive Trip to the Mayan Riviera and the 2012 Top Achievers International Trip to Kenya. Check out their story and what Sandy did to make the shift in her business!
My sister invited me to a Healthy Home presentation where I was introduced to Shaklee products and the company. I got involved for the nutrition products to help my family live healthier. At the time, I had quit full-time work to be a stay-at-home mom with our first son, but was still substitute teaching part-time.
We were shown the Shaklee opportunity and our first goal was to get our products paid for, but we quickly saw the possibility for greater income in the future, including a Shaklee car bonus, family van, family vacations, and a larger home in the country.
Two events stand out as having a big impact on our thinking in terms of what we could achieve with our Shaklee business. The first event was the first convention we went to in San Francisco on Shaklee's 40th anniversary and the second event was two years ago at the Global Conference in Anaheim. Our income had been around $25,000 for many years but at Anaheim, I decided to take consistent action toward building a larger business. Something clicked and I was going to become a better leader and help more people consistently.
Today, our family enjoys wonderful health and vitality due to the Shaklee products. Because of the personal growth that has taken place, we have a more positive family outlook on life.  We enjoy the most wonderful friendships through Shaklee. We have our new home in the country on 8 acres. We have additional income to take the stress off of the financial burdens of life and are able to share what we have been blessed with.
If you would like to own your own business and have the kind of success that Sandy has, you can contact us for more information with no obligation
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