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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gluten-free Shaklee Zinc Complex Coming Soon

Shaklee Zinc Complex will soon be gluten-free. You should begin to receive gluten-free Zinc Complex this month.
You may notice that the gluten-free tablets are lighter in color which is due to the removal of roasted barley flour.
Gluten-free Shaklee Zinc Complex provides the same pure, nutritional benefit of the formulation it replaces.
What's so wonderful about Zinc?


It’s present in all cells in the body. As part of enzyme reactions, zinc is involved in such diverse biochemical activities as protein digestion, amino acid metabolism, energy production, bone metabolism, vitamin A utilization, and insulin production. 
Zinc is necessary for growth and development, and to maintain normal immune function. It is also important for the synthesis of protein and the genetic material DNA.

Zinc is a wonderful, inexpensive, immune boosting product. I love it!
To order Zinc, Click here > Zinc Complex #20411

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