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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diabetes Testimony (1)

I know something about diabetes. My grandfather had diabetes, my mom had diabetes, and I have diabetes, and all fairly serious.

When I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, the nurse visibly gasped when she took my blood sugar in the doctor¹s office. It was over 400. At one time, I was poking my finger and taking insulin 4 times a day. 

Today, I seldom ever take it, and I don¹t take any of the medicines that regulate it at the expense of my liver either. My blood sugar stays under 120 if I watch what I eat and exercise regularly. But that¹s not the whole story.

Part of the story is a daily regimen of supplements that helps regulate my blood sugar while increasing my vitality and immunity. And of course part of it is the grace of God, and the support of my wife. As always we would love to share our Shaklee story. Be well.

Wally M

Here are the supplements Wally takes specifically for diabetes control. Because diabetes is an auto-immune disease, I believe the large majority of people with Type 2 diabetes have other foundational problems that needed to be discovered and addressed so that the diabetes becomes easier to deal with daily.

Fiber – 3 servings daily - Since fat is more harmful to diabetics than sugar, fiber is needed to absorb fat so there is less stress on the pancreas and liver; helps lower blood cholesterol levels. Helps keeps blood sugar level.

Herb-lax - 1-2 daily - To help the colon function properly in ridding the body of waste.

Optiflora -  1 serving - To strengthen the body's immune system.

Soy Protein - 6 Tbsp. daily - It becomes a replacement for animal protein which the body cannot metabolize as well, thus causing more stress on the liver.

Vita-Lea - 4 daily - To provide the daily basics of vitamins and minerals.

B-complex - 8 daily - Three of the B's - Biotin can reduce glucose levels, B6 can improve glucose tolerance, B12 reduces nerve damage. Niacin (B3) has special benefits for people with unhealthy cholesterol levels. Taking these in a complex insures a balance of the B's for a person.

Vitamin C, Sustained Release - 6 daily - Research has shown that it is difficult for a diabetic's individual cells to absorb C. Extra C insures better absorption.

Vitamin E - 2 daily - Improves glucose tolerance. It may take three months for this effect to be seen. Important for circulation; provides good protection for the heart.

Carotomax - 2 daily - As a powerful antioxidant, it will provide protection for the cells against free radicals.

DTX - 2 daily - Supports the liver as it detoxifies (The liver is a major player in diabetes; it needs extra nutritional support so it can remain in good working order and not be overwhelmed by fats in the blood stream.)

Acuity Plus - 2 daily - Helps in overall circulation; the inositol in this product is needed for normal nerve function and may reduce nerve damage.

Super Cal Mag Plus - 8 daily - To provide the 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium. Magnesium protects against coronary artery spasms. Both calcium and magnesium help to provide a good pH balance for the body. Calcium is needed for the eyes. 30% of the eye tissue contains calcium. Because the eyes can be affected by diabetes, calcium provides the food needed to nourish them.

Garlic - 2-6 daily - As a natural antibiotic, it provides insurance against infection that may occur.

Lecithin - 4 daily - Provide the good lipids and essential fatty acids to help with circulation and inflammatory problems that may occur. They help the body deal with the saturated fats so that the liver can function more effectively.

Alfalfa - 20-40 daily - To help the body clear toxins that form from food not being metabolized.

EPA - 4 daily

GLA - 4 daily

Zinc - 2 daily - For normal general support with healing

Saw Palmetto - 1 daily - Prostate support

As you can see, these supplements work together; their functions overlap. Diabetes is a complex disease. The body needs a lot of support because it is working overtime to keep a balance for the every system.

Diabetics do not know immediately when nerve function is being damaged. It may take years to see outward signs. Balance is the key. Work to maintain a good diet that is very low in fat and sugar, consistent exercise to help the lymph system function properly, proper rest, and supplementation. They all work together to provide wellness.

It takes focus and commitment. It can be done - a day at a time.

Sherrie A

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The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

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