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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Energy Shot’s ‘No Crash’ Claim Is Disputed

I’m not surprised that an energy drink has been found to be not only unhealthy, but that it’s manufacturer is now in trouble for false advertising.

Here is a quote below:

“Major producers like 5-Hour Energy, Red Bull, Monster Energy and Rockstar Energy all say their products contain proprietary blends of ingredients that provide a range of mental and physical benefits. But the companies have conducted few studies to show that the costly products provide anything more than a blast of caffeine, a stimulant found in beverages like coffee, tea or cola-flavored sodas.

I’m shocked.

OK, not really. 

But what I do find shocking are the number of people who still drink these toxic drinks and then wonder why they feel so bad, they have body aches, are sick more often and are surprised to find they lack, you guessed

Hmmm, could there be a connection? You bet!

There are some safe and natural ways to get the energy boost you need.

Adequate rest, exercise and proper nutrition are just plain common sense. We all know that we need to take care of ourselves to have the energy we need to do not only the everyday things we have to, but the extra energy needed to do the things we want to.

Since it is virtually impossible to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone, adding good supplements are crucial to having that extra energy that puts a bounce in our step, a smile on our face and become the envy of all our energy drink addicted friends.

Wouldn't you love to be the person you co-workers despise because you have energy to spare, you’re happy and healthy?

The best way to do that is follow common sense.
Get more sleep; drink more water; exercise a minimum of 30 minutes 5X a week; eat healthier; and supplement with good vitamins and minerals and Presto!  You are now the “health nut” at the office who has lost weight, has energy, looks great and best of all, feels great!

If you are ready to be that person, check out the following recommendations listed below. 

Remember, we are here to answer your questions, help you pick what’s right for you and even help you find ways to save money! All you have to do is ask!

Foundation– Vitalizer or Vita-Lea – Always, always start here. You build your foundation and only add something extra if you need it. A good multi or combination of essential vitamins like our Vitalizer is what fills in your gaps. Only then do you add customized nutrients depending on your specific needs and only if you need them.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D is crucial to add to most everyone’s diet. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D and if they only added it, they would notice a big improvement in overall health.
It’s inexpensive and it provides many benefits such as, it helps support healthy, heart function; helps promote immune health; it facilitates healthy cell development; it aids in calcium absorption for maintaining strong bones and teeth; plus our Vita-D3 is subjected to over 300 tests to guarantee product purity.

B-Complex I absolutely love this vitamin! I cannot live without my B-Complex. It is what sold me on Shaklee and has literally allowed me to get off all my pain medication. You can read more about why I was so physically messed up in “My ShakleeStory” and how I got better.

B-Complex provides all eight essential B vitamins necessary for converting the food we eat into energy. It also provides many other benefits too lengthy to go into here, but let me tell you, you will absolutely feel a huge difference in your energy level if you take them.

It is very important though, that you take the right B vitamins in the right ratio. Yes, you can buy cheaper versions at the drug store, but they will not give you the same benefits our B-Complex will because the cheap stuff is missing critical, more expense B vitamins and they are not in the correct ratio.

Take too much of one B vitamin and you throw off the balance of the other B’s. You must take B vitamins together as a family. No taking one type by itself! This is where the benefit of Shaklee’s science comes in. You truly get what you pay for in vitamins.

CorEnergy – Enhances stamina and re-energizes you! With ginseng, green tea extract and a bunch of nutrients I cannot pronounce helps the body maintain energy and resist fatigue.

EnergyChews -  Each chew contains a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins and vitamin D. And there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives you'll find in other energy products. They taste great, too!

There you go. Some great ways to add energy to your day, without harmful stimulants, sugar and the “crash” that always comes with consuming “toxic “brews” like the so-called energy drinks.

Remember, all of our products come with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

You can also take our 30 Day Health Challenge! We guarantee you will feel better in 30 days or your money back! Try us, you will not be disappointed!

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