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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Health Tip: Have More Energy, Be in a Better Mood

Tired with absolutely no energy? In a bad mood? Depressed?

There is a very simple solution to these problems. Are you ready for it? Here is:


I can hear your groan from here. Before you click away to play yet another online game or catch up on all the gossip on Facebook, keep reading to learn how to alleviate what plagues you.

Exercise actually GIVES you energy!
Exercise is one of the few things that can actually improve your mood and relieve depression with only good side effects unlike medication.

If you are saying to yourself, “Well, how can I find the energy to exercise when I barely have enough energy to get through my days to do the things I have to do?”

Think of this known fact: Our bodies are designed to move. The more we move, the more energy we have. 

It may seem impossible, but if you go for a walk, lift weights, just do something for 30 minutes you will have more energy than when you started. Your body will produce natural endorphins helping to ease pain and uplift your mental outlook.

Besides, don’t you think you will feel better if you go for a walk, rather than cram down that pint of ice cream?

Sure you will.

So try it. The next time you are stressed, wore out or depressed, try a workout for 30 minutes. I highly recommend walking and relaxing in nature. Go out and really see the beauty around you. It will fill your soul with peace and your body with energy.

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