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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Confused About Supplements?

Why should I take vitamin supplements? What should I take? Are they really worth the money?

These are questions many of us ask when it comes to vitamin supplements.

If you walk into any vitamin aisle it can be overwhelming! You read and hear about a wonder nutrient that you can’t live without, so you purchase it, only to read two weeks later about how dangerous it can be. It can be so confusing! 

What do I need, what is safe, what isn’t? Can I take this with my current medications? Will this make me feel better?

This is where I, your Shaklee Distributor comes in. I can be the light in the murky waters of nutrition and supplements. My job is to help you identify what, if any nutrients you need to supplement, how much is right for you, what is safe to mix with medications and more importantly what isn’t safe.

Unlike walking into a discount vitamin store or grocery store where finding qualified help and real answers to your questions is nearly impossible, with me, you get answers and qualified information gathered from true health professionals in the field of nutrition. I am a real person you can contact via phone or email and talk with, to ask questions, express concerns, or just discuss what challenges you and your family face.

You also get the highest quality products made by the #1 natural Nutritional Company in the U.S., Shaklee and the best guarantee available. When you take Shaklee supplements you know it’s safe and you know it works. We guarantee it 100%!

Here are just a few ways Shaklee guarantees the safety and purity of their products and why I recommend them over all other brands:

  • Shaklee conducts over 100,000 tests annually to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products including screening every botanical ingredient for over 350 contaminants 
  • Shaklee food supplements undergo as many as 176 separate tests for raw ingredient purity, freshness, potency and safety 
  • Shaklee guarantees that what you read on the label is actually in the product! 

If you are ready to get the answers you seek and are ready to truly improve your health and the health of your family, then contact me and let’s talk. I am here to listen and to get the answers you need. I can also show you ways to save money! 

You can either click the "Contact Us" tab up top to fill out a confidential contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or you can find us online at various locations listed below. You can also email me at


Shaklee Wellness Consultant 

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Shaklee 180™ Success Call - Monday April 29 - 7:00 pm

In this week's Shaklee 180 Success Call, Regional Sales Director for the East Kevin Crandall returns with a terrific guest. 

 You know her as the beautiful lady in the pink dress whose inspiring After-After™ is featured in many of our Shaklee 180 marketing tools. Senior Coordinator Heather Hirsh from the great state of New Jersey is a tremendous example of how turning your shape around with Shaklee 180 can change your life in so many ways.

A mom of three whose youngest was born just last month, Heather's Shaklee 180 business is booming. In February (the last full month of her pregnancy), Heather had her best month in Shaklee - highest PGV and OV ever and three first level new Directors!

Heather will share with you how her own Turnaround has fueled this growth by attracting people to her Turnaround Parties, and how the simple, easy to work Shaklee 180 system has also attracted Shaklee 180 Specialists - some of whom developed into Directors within a single month! 

 Heather's is a great story about how weight loss success can translate into business success!

Dial: 1-512-225-3211 / 951025#
When: Monday, April 29, 2013
7 pm in All Time Zones

To learn more about Shaklee 180 and how it can help you lose the weight, keep the muscle and also how to earn your products for free, or even make extra money, visit our site today to learn more - 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

FREE Sample of Basic-H2

We are giving away one FREE sample per person of the first official Earth Day product, Basic-H2.

Basic-H2 is the most powerful and versatile cleaner on the market and it is bio-degradable, non-toxic and contains no perfumes. Perfect for those with allergies or skin sensitivities! And boy does it work!

Basic H2® is all you need for thousands of household jobs
  • Ultraconcentrated – 16 ounces makes up to 48 gallons of super powerful cleaner when mixed with water.
  • Versatile and powerful cleaner – removes dirt, grease, and grime from any washable surface, inside and out. Dilute according to directions.
  • No rinse, no residue, streak-free formula.
Use on any washable surface – indoors or out
  • Walls, Windows and Mirrors, Countertops, Floors, Appliances, Stoves, Sealed Woodwork, Pots and Pans, Furniture
Clean Credentials
  • Nontoxic
  • Natural
  • Doubly concentrated
  • Biodegradable Surfactants

So fill out the contact form listed in the "Contact Us" tab above or email us at to request your free sample today!

Shaklee Difference

✔ Nontoxic
✔ No toxic fumes
✔ No hazardous chemicals
✔ Fragrance free
✔ Mild on your hands
✔ pH balanced
✔ No chlorine

✔ Tough on grease
✔ Ultraconcentrated — 16 oz.
makes 48 gallons — all-purpose
✔ 16 oz. of Basic H2 makes the
equivalent of over 5,800 bottles of
Windex®* (26 oz. each)
✔ Doubly concentrated compared
with original Basic-H — use only
half as much

✔ Natural, sustainably sourced
ingredients — derived from corn
and coconut
✔ Biodegradable surfactants
✔ No phosphates
✔ Recyclable packaging
✔ No dyes
✔ Safe for septic systems

Learn more about Basic-H2 here: Basic-H2

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – 

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*Giveaway is a sample of the Basic-H2 only, not a full size bottle. Instructions will be sent with sample on how to mix and use. Recipient must provide own spray bottle and water. Giveaway good as long as supplies last.

*This performance comparison was done on February 8, 2008, and is valid only for the named products marketed at that time.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Meet Kianne - A Young Girl with a Passion for Animals and the Earth

Meet Kianne. A young girl who loves animals and the Earth.

Her concern for the animals and where we all call home prompted her to take action and a call for others to do the same.

Watch her short story here:

Then, to learn more how you can help just by making small changes, like changing out your toxic household cleaners, visit our site 

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Project MAHMA Call Thursday 4/25/13

Join us for another inspiring Project MAHMA Conference Call this Thursday with our host Sharon Williams, Coordinator from California.

Call Information

Thursday, April 25, 2013
6:00 p.m. Pacific | 7:00 p.m. Mountain | 8:00 p.m. Central | 9:00 p.m. Eastern
DIAL: 212-990-8000 (PIN: 6262#)

An architect by trade, Sharon thought she would practice her demanding profession forever, but in 2011 while looking for another income source to assist her mother she discovered something interesting. She was no longer willing to trade an hour’s work for an hour’s wage, whether it was architecture, teaching yoga or anything else that required her constant personal attention to create income.

Through Facebook®, she contacted her future uplines, Chris and Jacque Pierson (Executive Coordinators, NV) to talk about Shaklee.  “Although I had no idea what Shaklee was, I signed on based on intuition and need,” says Sharon. “The Shaklee science appeared to be accessible, the company fiscally sound, and the website and training awesome!”

In coming to Shaklee, Sharon has also found an avenue to share better health with others. “After spending much time in the company of aging and, sadly, unhealthy elders, I'm also passionate about maintaining strength and muscle as I age, for a long, happy and productive life and in teaching others how to do the same.”

Sharon will be joined on Thursday by Jennifer Yang (Senior Executive Coordinator, HI), Susan Janssen (Director, CA), and special guest Susan DeBrincat (Senior Master Coordinator, GA).

Jennifer is a single stay at home mother of three girls – ages 17, 9 and 7. Before starting her own Shaklee business, Jennifer worked as a waitress, a bartender, a customer service representative, a hula dancer, and in a dental office. 
She was introduced to Shaklee in November of 2008 by her uplines Senior Executive Coordinators Harrison Luke and Vicki Ebesu (Hawaii). While Jennifer was considering Shaklee she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to achieve, but she was clear about what she wanted to do for her family.

“At that time, my vision with Shaklee was not very clear.  All I knew I wanted to do was be a great stay at home mom with my three daughters.”

Today, Jennifer is one of Shaklee’s most successful Leaders and was recognized as a 2012 Top Achiever, among many other honors. Tune in to hear more of Jennifer’s amazing story.

Susan Janssen is an active mother of three young adults and teacher to an exciting classroom of 33 five year old children. She is an avid cyclist, runner and hiker who learned about Shaklee through her sister Sharon.

Shaklee nutrition supported Susan as she worked to regain her prior level of health and fitness after a cycling accident. She also found that the income opportunity appealed to her as she nears retirement and is looking to shift into an income opportunity that will allow her the funds and freedom to travel.

“Through my Shaklee business I look forward to creating freedom to live the life I love,” says Susan. “And I look forward to supporting my children as they reach for their dreams in their university studies.”

Susan DeBrincat, along with her husband Ray, joined Shaklee almost 36 years ago to use the products, get healthier, and be able to purchase their products at a discount.  

After falling in love with the products and wanting to tell everyone about Shaklee they saw the opportunity and started to build their business. In just three years they had reached the top rank (at the time) of Master Coordinator earning a six-figure income*, and because of that have been able to experience an incredible lifestyle.

Ray was able to leave his job as a Principal Design Engineer for Ford Motor Company in 1980 when their part time Shaklee income surpassed his full-time job income. “Thanks to our Shaklee business we have the income to live where we want and do what we want along with the time flexibility to spend with our sons and four grandchildren," says Susan. "We could not have designed a better life than we have today. There is no other business like Shaklee!”

Call Information

Thursday, April 25, 2013
6:00 p.m. Pacific | 7:00 p.m. Mountain | 8:00 p.m. Central | 9:00 p.m. Eastern
DIAL: 212-990-8000 (PIN: 6262#)

Won’t you join us for this exciting call? They are not very long and it is so fun to hear how other people are getting healthier and learning to enjoy life more.

After the call, come back here to learn more or visit our site that talks more about Project MAHMA – Project MAHMA Success

What Is Project MAHMA?
Project MAHMA stands for Moms at Home Making a ... Difference (and a whole lot of money!)
Project MAHMA is a coalition of Shaklee families across North America who stay at home with their kids and earn income by helping others live healthier and more independent lives.
Project MAHMA was formed as an opportunity for moms and dads to:
  • Have the very best for their family's health, well-being and financial future
  • Realize their personal potential
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
  • Do it all AND stay home with their kids

Hear real stories of moms and dads who have been able to create real success for their families with Shaklee by clicking here.

ALTERNATE CALL IN NUMBERS:In the unlikely event that you experience a busy signal when trying to access the call this weekend, please try one of these alternate call-in numbers: 1-212-990-4000, or 1-212-990-2300. The PIN for both of these lines is the same as the main number: 6262#

*The average annual income in 2012 ranged from $9,847 for Directors to $672,105 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC for all U.S. Business Leaders who achieved the rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

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Meet Theresia, an environmental educator. See how she is teaching and connecting kids to nature.

Then see why I am just a bit envious of her beautiful home office. ;)

To learn more about what Theresia and I do, visit our site, 

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shaklee Chairman & CEO Roger Barnett's Earth Day

Can a company be successful and still take care of the Environment?

Meet Roger Barnett and see how.

To learn more, visit our website To Be Healthy

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – 
The Shaklee Difference

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Your Cleaners Do to Local Water

If you forget about the cleaners you use the moment they go down the drain, here's a little reminder.

The above picture was taken of a local creek in the woods near our house. This is a protected forest that is quite beautiful with lovely walking trails. There are some houses located above this creek.

I know the picture isn't very clear. My phone doesn't take very good pictures.
I was looking forward to relaxing by the creek, but was so disheartened when I arrived and saw this.

It is hard to see in this picture, but if you look to right between the large and small rock, there is a triangular white patch that looks like snow. That isn't snow - it's detergent foam.
And to the left what looks like white water of little rapids is actually bubbles.

My poor dog was so thirsty from our walk and I was going to let her drink from the creek, but not after what I saw. I knew it would make her sick.

This is what happens when people use toxic cleaners. The chemicals don't go to some faraway magical place where they mysteriously disappear, they end up in the local water faster than you think. 

This is also could be from people washing their cars with dish soap, which is very toxic or from treating their lawns with pesticides and herbicides.

This creek is one of countless others that run into the river, which just happens to be the water source for most of the homes in the area. 

Yes, it goes through a treatment facility, but it would be naive to think that you can "treat" all the chemicals out of the water. They have to go somewhere.

That is why I can't emphasize enough how important it is to switch to truly biodegradable cleaners like Shaklee's. We must protect our environment for us and our children. We truly do live in a giant fishbowl. All the water we will ever have is right here, right now. We can't make more. That is why it is so important to not pollute the water we have!

Remember, the flush is closer to the tap than you might think.

Why don't you try:

Shaklee's Get Clean Line - We guarantee it cleans the same if not better than your toxic brands or your money back!

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

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We’re About Doing What’s Right


Sometimes, you do things because they're good for business.
And sometimes, you do things just because you should.

Among these are our campaign to plant a million trees.

  • Our sponsorship of three North Pole expeditions to measure the impact of global warming.
  • Our donation of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, used on board Jacques Cousteau's research vessels. 
  • Our donation of vitamins and nutrition drinks to undernourished children and earthquake victims.
  • Our support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to promote human rights and end poverty. 
  • Our partnership with Dr. Wangari Maathai, the first Nobel Peace laureate recognized for environmental work.
  • Our official sponsorship of Earth Day. Our donation of almost half a million dollars to U.S. hurricane relief. 
  • Our annual giving that has topped $3 million.
The list goes on. 

And so does our commitment to doing what's right simply because it is.

To learn more, visit our site To Be Healthy

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! (And Free Giveaway!)

Earth Day is such a special day for Shaklee

It is a day we can be proud to be affiliated with a company that celebrates Earth Day every day with our environmentally safe cleaning products, including Basic-H, the first official Earth Day product. 

Shaklee also supports the Earth by helping others during natural disasters with our Shaklee Cares packs and they were the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification to totally offset our CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.

Why poison yourself with toxic chemicals all in order to clean your home?

Studies on many of the ingredients commonly used in household products conclude that these chemicals can be unsafe and could have long term health consequences.

Children Are at Greater Risk for Chemical Exposures

Children are highly vulnerable to chemical toxins. They spend a good deal of time putting things in their mouths, so there’s always the potential for ingestion of chemical residues. 

The implication here is that children will have substantially heavier exposures than adults to toxins in water, food, or air. And yet, so many of the popular and most trusted brands of household cleaners continue to include harsh chemicals in their formulations.

Children also have more time to develop chronic diseases triggered by early chemical exposures. Some diseases related to environmental toxins may require decades to develop, so exposure during childhood may increase the health risks later in life.

Some scientists also believe that maternal exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy can have developmental consequences for the fetus. Since growth is so rapid at this time, early toxic exposures may have a significant impact on further development.

Many common household cleaners give off fumes, which can potentially increase the risk of developing asthma in children; Inhalation, ingestion, skin, or eye exposure to glycol-ethers has been linked to irritation and potential tissue damage.

You can read more of this information in Shaklee’s Health Hazards Associated With Household Cleaners

Why expose you and your children to these potentially harmful ingredients?

And then there’s the problem of polluting the environment and our drinking water with these dangerous chemicals. Did you know that household cleaners pollute the environment more than big industries?

There are better alternatives Like Shaklee’s Get Clean!

If you haven’t tried our powerful, but safe cleaners, now’s a perfect time – just in time for those spring cleaning chores!

Spring cleaning can be hard work. Make your work a little easier and make breathing a little easier with Shaklee’s Get Clean household products.

From basic cleaning, to disinfecting, to the really hard core, nasty dirty jobs we all tend to put off, Shaklee has a product that can tackle it. And we guarantee that Shaklee’s products work as well if not better than the store bought, toxic kind or we’ll give you your money back!

How’s that for satisfaction?

To help you celebrate Earth Day, if you purchase a Get Clean Kit by April 30th, 2013, we will give you a free Shaklee Membership that gives you 15-25% off of everything!*

When it comes to pollution, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
What part do you want to play?

Visit our website to learn more on how to keep your family safe from household toxins and go easy on the Earth. 

Find us Online at:

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Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green - See why we work when others don’t – The Shaklee Difference

 *Must purchase membership and one qualifying Get Clean Kit. Cost of membership is $19.95 and will be reimbursed within 30 days of purchase. Other restrictions may apply. Please contact us for details.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are You Ready for an Emergency?

I got stung several times on the lower leg yesterday while at the park. A wasp crawled up my pants leg and got me a number of times before I was able to get him out. I tried my best to get him! Luckily I am not allergic, but it sure made for a painful walk home.

It's that time of year again, so if you or a loved one is severely allergic to stings, make sure you always have an Epi pen or at least some Benadryl (or some other doctor approved allergic reaction medication) to keep on hand in case you are stung and your throat begins to swell. Learn what to do and be prepared.

My mother said she feared no disaster as long as her purse was within reach.

My father always said to hope and pray for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

I always like to be prepared for emergencies. 

How prepared are you?

First aid kits, allergic reaction supplies, food and water carried in the car with you or in a backpack if you are hiking, are all very important to have on hand. I also have a change of clothes for everyone in the main car in case we get stuck out somewhere or need a change of clothes if one of us falls in the creek! Ha ha.

But how prepared are you? We laugh about needing to change wet clothes if we fall into a creek, but true accidents or disasters are no laughing matter and how prepared we are can make a huge difference in how we come through those incidents or disasters.

What about severe weather? Do you have supplies such as, flashlights, batteries, radios. Do you have a plan of action like knowing where to go? Do your children know what to do if severe weather breaks out and you are not with them?

How about a different sort of disaster? Could you and your family be packed up and ready to leave in 5-10 minutes if disaster struck your area and you were forced to leave your home? That is often all the time you will have to get out. Many people think it could never happen to them where they live, but it can and you just never know. You need to be prepared. 

You can go to any one of Internet sites out there that can tell you how to build a kit. FEMA's site, is one of them. On that site are instructions on how to build a disaster kit, how to make a family plan and tips on what to do before, during and after a disaster strikes.

It may be time to get the information, sit down to a family meeting to discuss the how’s and what to do’s and then get the necessary items. As a family you need to discuss the plan on each possible scenario and do drills at least once a month to make sure everyone, even the youngest child knows what to do automatically.

Remember, during an emergency cell phone access may be limited or cut off completely, so you cannot rely on that form of communication.

I thought about going into detail all the different things we should do for each possible scenario, but there are many good places you can go to get this information. Print it out, go over it with each family member, pin it to your kits and practice it.

So read up, learn what to do and how to do it. Build disaster and readiness kits. Take a class in CPR and first aid. Get prepared. God willing, you may never need those skills or supplies, but if you do, you will never be sorry that you made the effort.

Knowledge is power. Preparedness is confidence. Knowing what to do can be lifesaving.

Are you ready?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Listen and Learn About Reproductive Health, Infertility and Pregnancy

Join us this Tuesday, April 16, at 8:45 PM eastern, to learn about
reproductive health, including infertility and pregnancy.

Dr. Larry Gould, MD, whose specialty is OB/Gyn, has been recommending
Shaklee products to patients for over 20 years, will be the speaker. 
He'll also discuss why Shaklee!

I'm very excited about what he has to share--join us for this very
special call!

212-770-8000 PIN: 6262#

This call will be archived. If you missed the live call and want to listen to it later or would like to hear more about a different subject, please contact us and we will be happy to get you that archived information.

After listening, contact us to learn more about Shaklee and how it can help you in your quest to improve your health.

You can fill out our contact form above under the "Contact Us" tab or you can check out our ordering site to learn more.

Tell all your friends about this wonderful information as they too might want to listen in on learning about reproductive health, including infertility and pregnancy!
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