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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are You Ready for an Emergency?

I got stung several times on the lower leg yesterday while at the park. A wasp crawled up my pants leg and got me a number of times before I was able to get him out. I tried my best to get him! Luckily I am not allergic, but it sure made for a painful walk home.

It's that time of year again, so if you or a loved one is severely allergic to stings, make sure you always have an Epi pen or at least some Benadryl (or some other doctor approved allergic reaction medication) to keep on hand in case you are stung and your throat begins to swell. Learn what to do and be prepared.

My mother said she feared no disaster as long as her purse was within reach.

My father always said to hope and pray for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

I always like to be prepared for emergencies. 

How prepared are you?

First aid kits, allergic reaction supplies, food and water carried in the car with you or in a backpack if you are hiking, are all very important to have on hand. I also have a change of clothes for everyone in the main car in case we get stuck out somewhere or need a change of clothes if one of us falls in the creek! Ha ha.

But how prepared are you? We laugh about needing to change wet clothes if we fall into a creek, but true accidents or disasters are no laughing matter and how prepared we are can make a huge difference in how we come through those incidents or disasters.

What about severe weather? Do you have supplies such as, flashlights, batteries, radios. Do you have a plan of action like knowing where to go? Do your children know what to do if severe weather breaks out and you are not with them?

How about a different sort of disaster? Could you and your family be packed up and ready to leave in 5-10 minutes if disaster struck your area and you were forced to leave your home? That is often all the time you will have to get out. Many people think it could never happen to them where they live, but it can and you just never know. You need to be prepared. 

You can go to any one of Internet sites out there that can tell you how to build a kit. FEMA's site, is one of them. On that site are instructions on how to build a disaster kit, how to make a family plan and tips on what to do before, during and after a disaster strikes.

It may be time to get the information, sit down to a family meeting to discuss the how’s and what to do’s and then get the necessary items. As a family you need to discuss the plan on each possible scenario and do drills at least once a month to make sure everyone, even the youngest child knows what to do automatically.

Remember, during an emergency cell phone access may be limited or cut off completely, so you cannot rely on that form of communication.

I thought about going into detail all the different things we should do for each possible scenario, but there are many good places you can go to get this information. Print it out, go over it with each family member, pin it to your kits and practice it.

So read up, learn what to do and how to do it. Build disaster and readiness kits. Take a class in CPR and first aid. Get prepared. God willing, you may never need those skills or supplies, but if you do, you will never be sorry that you made the effort.

Knowledge is power. Preparedness is confidence. Knowing what to do can be lifesaving.

Are you ready?

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