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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do You Thing Green Cleaners Don't Work as Well As Toxic Ones?

Think Cleaning With Green Products Don’t Work As Well As The Toxic Cleaners? Actually,

Here's proof:

  • Basic H² Organic Super Cleaning Wipes - 60% more effective on cleaning vinyl flooring than Pledge Wipes, and less streaking on windows than Windex with Vinegar Wipes. Plus, OUR wipes are biodegradable.
  • Fresh Laundry Concentrate - As a pre-spotter, outperforms Shout and Spray 'n Wash. As a laundry liquid, it's 30% more effective at removing dirt and stains than All "Small and Mighty".

Think it would cost more to clean green? Think again.

You would spend over $3,400 to get the same cleaning power from major name brands!*

Our Get Clean Starter Kit is equal to:

60 Bottles of Fantastik®, 32 oz.

32 Bottles of Mop ‘n Glo®, 32 oz.

728 Bottles of Windex®, 26 oz.

1 Bottle of Woolite®, 50 oz.

1 Container of Clorox®Wipes

1 Bottle of Soft Scrub®

2.5 Boxes of Cascade®, 45 oz.

2 Boxes of Tide®, 50 oz.

3 Bottles of Downy®, 20 oz.

1 Box of Bounce®

Get Clean Starter Kit contains:

Basic H²™ Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate 16 oz.
Basic H²™ Organic Super Cleaning Wipes35 ct.
Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes 35 ct.
Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover 32 oz. with Dispenser
Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste 9 oz.
Hand Wash Concentrate 32 oz with 2 Dispensers
Dish Wash Concentrate16 oz.
Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate32 oz. with Dispenser
Fresh Laundry Concentrate HE Compatible 32 oz. (Liquid)
Soft Fabric Concentrate32 oz.
Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets80 ct.
Plus cleaning accessories:
Caddy Organizer (1)
Spray Bottles (3)
Basic H2™Dispensing Bottle with Dropper Tip (1)
Dropper pipette
Pump for 32 oz bottle (2)
Laundry measuring cups (2)
Dual measuring spoon (1)
Cleaning Accessories (4)
Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Super Microfiber Window Cloth
Super Microfiber Sponge
Miracle Scrubber Pad

For more information on the cleaning products recommended by Healthy Child Healthy World, Oprah & Dr. Oz, The Cousteau Society and many more, please visit our website Shaklee's Get Clean

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*Based on number of uses per label directions of ready-to-use cleaners. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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