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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good Health for Men

June is the month we typically focus on the men in our lives. We celebrate our special men like our dads and husbands by treating them to gifts, food and fun. But you don't have to be a dad to be special so this June we are focusing on all men and their health.

Below are some great links to information on men's health. Click on the links to either watch, read or listen to how other men have achieved good health and hear from doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals on what men need to do to stay healthy.

Men's Health - Dr. Bruce Miller gives a thorough overview of nutritional and lifestyle suggestions for optimal health in this lively presentation. Also, includes great testimonials.

This is the previous older Men's Health recording. The information is still very good even though there is a newer recording. Be sure to also listen to the latest Men's Health recording.

Men's Health: A Guy's Guide to Vitality and Longevity - This recording contains information on issues vital to men's health, told through the experiences of men, a number of whom are medical professionals. We feel this is one of the more compelling presentations we've created, and of great value to men who want to avoid degenerative disease, and maintain health and vigor throughout their lives.

Pure Performance Sports Nutrition - with Dr,. Stephen G. Chaney Active Nutrition for athletes both elite and weekend warriors.

Sports Nutrition - Shaklee Nutrition for Athletic Excellence with Kai Fusser, personal trainer of Annika Sorenstam, #1 LPGA golfer, Scott Higgins, former Chief Team Physiologist, USSA, Evan Dybvig, two time US National Mogul Champion and Olympian, and Shaklee athletes.

Heart Health - What is heart disease and the risk factors? Discussion includes cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. How to prevent heart disease naturally.

GERD - Acid Reflux - the causes and related problems as well as solutions are discussed.

Eat Like a Man For Better Health - 
Here are some tips to “eat like a man” and maintain a healthy weight

15 Steps to Cardiovascular Health - 
Here are 15 steps you can take right now to help you along the path to a healthier heart.

All About Stanols (and how they can help you lower your cholesterol naturally) - 
Just what are plant stanols and sterols?

Coronary Heart Disease Testimony - an amazing story on heart disease in a seemingly  healthy man, how it happened and what he did.

Natural Bodybuilding - From 
a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

RXfor a Healthier Life - Want to feel great today, and get started on the path of lifelong health? Shaklee Rx for a Healthier Life is a good place to start..

Thinning Hair and the Power of ProSant√© - see what is working for some men.

I recommend the following very short, but informative video's on the how Shaklee can help you in more ways than one:

Why Supplement? - Why should you bother to add supplements if you eat right?

The Shaklee Difference - Why do so many health professionals, Olympic athletes, adventurers and even NASA choose Shaklee over others?

Entrepreneurs - Ever thought of being one? Want to learn how?

The Shaklee Opportunity - There are so many reasons to start a Shaklee business that we call it "living in the Land of And." Need a Plan B? Need to finance a college education? Want to work from home? Just need a little more cash? Watch and see what Shaklee can offer you.

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