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Monday, July 8, 2013

Shaklee 180™ Success Call - Monday July 8 - 7:00 pm

Dial:1-512-225-3211 / 951025#
When:Monday, July 8, 2013
 7 pm in All Time Zones
Shaklee 180 Success Calls are a terrific focus for your weekly team meetings and conference calls.  Following the Monday night broadcast, each Shaklee 180 Success Call will be placed on rebroadcast for one week on 1-512-703-6147.  They will also be available to download as an mp3/podcast from the Shaklee 180 Success Call Archive on
Shaklee 180™ Success Call - Monday July 8 - 7:00 pm 

Sales Director for the Western Region, Roger Hill has Executive Coordinator Renee Vanheel from California as his special guest, and we guarantee you will not only be inspired by what Renee has to share on this call, but that you'll also get some very actionable tips for your success - in losing weight, in helping others to do the same, and in creating business success with Shaklee 180.

Renee's multi-faceted story is remarkable. First, she has lost 61 pounds with Shaklee 180* - and with that kind of personal experience, she has tremendous insight for everyone she actively coaches to be as successful as they want to be with the program. She'll share some of that secret sauce with you.

Renee is also an experienced Leader who has built a very successful Shaklee business quickly, and who has increased that business success since the launch of Shaklee 180. Renee has some excellent ideas for engaging your team in building using the Shaklee 180 system - everything from how to manage "no shows" to Turnaround Parties, to how to ensure that people who do attend get the maximum experience of the program to encourage their commitment and overcome their objections.

Plus, Renee will share with you how the Shaklee Family, Shaklee Cares®, and the income from her Shaklee business helped when her home and business were destroyed by wildfire. An incredible testament to the unique culture and community that you're part of when you partner with this company.

This is a great call with excellent detail that can absolutely help you to achieve what you want from your Shaklee 180 business. Join us!

For more information pleas click here 
Shaklee 180™ or click the "Contact Us" tab up top. You can also email us at

* Results and experiences from the Shaklee 180 Program are unique for each person, so results may vary. People following the weight loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

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