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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Scary Prescription Drug Commercials

There you are, sitting on your couch after a hard day and all you want to do is relax. You have finally decided to take your health issues seriously and you have been working hard to eat healthier, exercise and just live a healthier lifestyle. Your doctor wants you to try this new prescription medicine that just came out and you have been mulling it over.

Then, all of a sudden these happy looking people about your age come on the TV. They are frolicking in the grass, fishing with their buddies, shopping with their friends, driving cool old cars and playing football with their grandkids. The narrator comes on and starts talking about the horrible health condition this person has just come through, but now has a new lease on life because of this new miracle drug. They apparently have gone from their death bed to now competing in a marathon within a two week span.

The commercial intrigues you because you may be facing a similar health condition. Your doctor is pushing you to try this new drug out and everyone connected is giving you the impression that your life will suddenly be just like the people you see in the commercial. 

Funny, isn’t that what cigarette commercials did years ago and what alcohol commercials do now? "Use our product and your life will be like this!"

As you watch the commercial the long list of side effects comes on. “This medication has been shown to cause blindness, seizures, heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, tuberculosis, cancer and…even death! See your doctor for advice to see if this medication is right for you.”

Um, no thank you!

Now, I am not saying we should all avoid prescription medicine, nor should you turn your back on the advice your doctor gives you. Many terrible diseases have been cured and even prevented with truly miracle drugs and vaccines. I also support continued research into developing cures and disease preventing vaccines.

I am however, against drug companies being allowed to advertise prescription medicine and make it all sound like a miracle cure. Yes, the FDA makes them put their risks found in studies in the ad, but they try and hide the bad sides and play up the good. They do their best to appeal to your emotional side with pretty pictures and illusions of miraculous comebacks from the brink of death.

Don’t fall for it.

Pharmaceutical companies are banking on Americans not taking care of themselves and their main interest isn’t you, but their profits. They pay big money to lobby against prevention and wellness programs as well as wellness companies designed to keep people healthy and prevent disease, because that means fewer people will need their drugs.

These drug companies use their money to pressure the federal government to regulate health and wellness industries so much that they can’t even hardly say that you should try and be healthy because they don’t want you to be healthy, they want you to be sick! All the while they are allowed to go on to making wild claims about what their drug can do with very little regulation.

The drug companies are this era’s mafia, this country’s drug cartel and they seem to be far more dangerous to the general public because they are allowed to come into our lives, into our living rooms with smiling, healthy actors and with all the blessings of our government.

How many times have you heard where a miracle drug was promoted to be the next cure all only to find out a years or even years later that the drug itself caused more health problems and more deaths than the disease it was supposedly invented to cure?

Are you willing to be the drug companies’ guinea pig?

These drug companies are also dipping their hands into our daily food. Monsanto is the drug giant strong arming the U.S. government into allowing them to infuse GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism) into our food supply. They want to use these modified organisms, yes I said organisms, as way to increase profits.

These organisms have been shown over and over again to cause serious health effects, and our food supply is becoming contaminated with the organisms to the point that once an original, uncontaminated field has had a seed blown over from one of these genetically altered fields, that unaltered original field is now “contaminated” and it can also be forcefully taken from the farmer as a product now owned by Monsanto. Isn't that stealing?

They are taking over more and more farms, by force if necessary to push out the non contaminated crops and grow only Monsanto crops. The farmers can’t even control their own farms anymore for if they try and take back their crops and not comply with the “rules” set up by Monsanto, then the company has the government step in and make them comply or risk financial ruin and even loss of their farm.

Scared yet? You should be and I am, too.

Fight back against big government and big drug companies who clearly don’t have your best interests at heart. They want your money and they will get it any way they possibly can. Don’t give it to them!

Eat right, exercise and take your supplements because you are going to need them as finding good, unaltered food is becoming harder. Choose a doctor that is willing to work with you in the healthiest way possible. If you have a doctor always quick to write a prescription drug without seriously working on natural ways to help your body heal, then find another doctor who is.

Don’t turn your back on the latest science or your doctor's advice, but don’t turn your back on natural healing either. Find the balance.

You are responsible for your health, not your doctor, not the pharmaceutical companies, not the government. Your best defense is to be healthy. Take steps now to learn ways to get healthier and teach your children the benefits of good health and the dangers of poor health.

Hang in there and fight till we get a government willing to take our health and wellbeing seriously enough to stand up to these bullying drug companies and take positive action. We need the government to take prevention more seriously and have it be come more of a priority. 

And when it comes time to vote, press your favorite candidates on the issues of health, wellness, prevention, drug companies and food tampering to see if they are even aware of these problems and where they stand. They are going to need strong backbones, make sure you choose wisely.

So what are you going to do for your health right now?

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