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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tips if Your Windows Streak After Cleaning

Shaklee's Basic-H² is one of the most awesome window cleaners!

However, if your windows have a film on them or you have been cleaning them with chemicals for years, there may be a residue buildup that has to be removed first.

I usually tell people that it is going to take 1-2 times of them cleaning with 
Shaklee's Basic-H² window cleaner. Years of chemical use leaves behind terrible residue. Usually the first couple of times you clean with Shaklee's Basic-H²  it streaks because it is cleaning the chemical residue. After removing the residue, you will notice that it cleans amazingly well and actually squeaks when you clean.

Shaklee offers a special blue window cleaning cloth, the Super Microfiber Window Cloth
 that makes the process go even easier, but it isn't required. Microfiber cloths are also great to use. 

Note: Never use fabric softener on any microfiber cloths or any cloth you clean windows with. The residue can be transferred to the glass when cleaning, causing streaking.

Remember, 2 drops to a 16 oz spray bottle! That's it, any more and streaking could occur! Try using a toothpick to dip into a bottle of 
Shaklee's Basic-H² to add the 2 drops into the water in the spray bottle.

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