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Monday, August 19, 2013

Personal Care - ShakleeBaby Massage Oil - Safe for Babies?

This question was asked in regards to if the oil would be safe to really use on a baby considering the sensitive nature of their skin and the potential for absorption into the body.
Below is the response from Shaklee’s wonderful science team.

Thanks for your inquiry regarding ShakleeBaby Massage Oil.

Ingredients used in formulations for use on the skin must have a molecular weight of 500 daltons or greater in order to ensure it sits on the skin and does not penetrate it. Sunflower Oil, the main ingredient in the Massage Oil, has a molecular weight of 876.16 Daltons and the other ingredients of the Massage Oil are similar  some lower, some higher, but overall greater than 500 Daltons. Given this information, the likelihood of a newborn processing these oils through their liver or kidneys is essentially zero.

Indeed, the use of Sunflower oil, like other oils, can retain moisture in the skin, and may also provide a protective barrier that resists infection in premature infants. Studies using sunflower oil have been conducted involving low birth weight infants who are often susceptible to infection due to their underdeveloped skin. The study determined that infants receiving a daily skin treatment of sunflower oil were 41% less likely to develop infections in the hospital.

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