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Friday, October 4, 2013

Basic-H2 vs. Vinegar & Baking Soda

My Comments: Baking soda does clean a lot of things, but Basic-H² cleans more and is cheaper to use. I never believed vinegar was a good disinfectant and I’m not sure how that false rumor got started.  For most surfaces, cleaning with Basic-H² is enough to wash away any germs, but if you are like me, I like to use an actual disinfectant in the bathrooms. This is where I use Basic-G. Below is some more information on how vinegar is a terrible disinfectant and how to clean thoroughly without harsh chemicals.

Hi all, I recently received two e-mails on vinegar & baking soda vs. Basic-H², and I thought I’d share. I’ve always felt Basic-H² was a more environmentally friendly product from a packaging standpoint, but it’s interesting, imo, to see the cleaning power compared to Vinegar. This email consists of a description of how vinegar works compared to Basic-H², then a cost comparison. Enjoy! J

I started to jump in on this thread yesterday and then decided I may not have enough information to be sure I was correct. This morning the thread was still going on, so I asked my biochemist husband to verify my conclusions on this question. He agreed with me – and added a few comments – so here goes.

Vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic acid. Added to water, its main effect is to lower the pH of the water and make it more acid. As a cleaner, it is not particularly effective except as it dissolves soil (which water does) and/or makes the pH low enough to distress bacteria on surfaces.

Basic-H² is a surfactant. It performs like a detergent to break up soil of various kinds so that it can be washed away. In addition, because of its surfactant properties, it will dislodge bacteria trapped in residue on surfaces so they can be washed away. Also, it disrupts the cell wall of bacteria (which contain lipids) and make them very sick if not dead. It is this same characteristic that makes Basic-H² effective against flies and other insects when used as many of us have traditionally used it.

We are not clear on its effect on viruses, but since it effectively removes residues from surfaces, it stands to reason that more viruses would be washed away than with a less effective cleaner.

In short, Basic-H² does everything vinegar does and MUCH more. And it does not smell.
Because of regulations, Basic-H² cannot be advertised as a germicide. This is also true of vinegar – it is folklore that makes people believe that vinegar is an effective cleaner/germ killer. In fact, plain old soap will disrupt germs on a surface. There is little advantage to the “anti-bacterial” products so widely advertised today – and serious disadvantages in products with triclosan and other chemical bacteria killers are now becoming evident.

Hope this makes sense to you.


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