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Friday, October 4, 2013

Maintain Your Diet On Vacation

Guest Post written by Cole Millen
On vacation, you want to look your best but you also want to have fun. You have worked all year to maintain your diet and you certainly do not want to give up on it now. There are quite a few things you can do to ensure you are not giving up on your diet.
There are quite a few ways you can stay healthy during your flight to your vacation destination. It is a good idea to eat a healthy meal before even arriving at the airport, keeping you from eating unhealthy airline food. If you do end up eating a meal during a layover, try to find a salad with a light oil dressing, baked chicken or a fruit cup. You might even consider packing along a few healthy snacks, including nuts and dried fruit. It also does not hurt to just walk around as you wait for your flight rather than sitting down. You are going to be sitting down on the plane for quite a while anyway!
Searching for a healthy hotel is essential to maintaining your diet on your next vacation. The right hotel for you will be one that offers a variety of nutritious restaurants and recreational facilities around it. If you are planning on ordering room service you should ensure that there are healthy options available before even reserving a room. You should also ask if the continental breakfast includes fresh fruit. It can be extremely difficult to determine accurate and honest information considering all the fluffed information with hotels trying to drive in business. I have found consumer reviews to be the most honest and unbiased form of information. I recently took a trip East for a Red Sox game and was able to pull up a list of reviews for Boston hotels regarding the hotel amenities, restaurants in the area, as well as things to do. With this information I was able to book a hotel that was right for me and within walking distance of Quincy Market where I was able to pick up a lot of healthy produce for my trip.
Once you have selected a hotel that will not contribute to the deterioration of your diet, take a few extra steps. Once you arrive, find the nearest health food store and head in to find some nutritious snacks to keep in the room. If you need boiling water, simply run the coffee maker without any coffee in it. Use the water to heat up soup, oatmeal and other goodies. If your room has a refrigerator, stock up on yogurt and fresh fruit.
If you have done your homework, you should have quite a few healthy restaurants in your area. You should avoid buffets, as alluring as they may be, because they will only encourage you to eat more than you should. A restaurant offering a salad and soup bar or seafood is a much better choice. It pays off to check a restaurant’s menu before leaving. When you do order your meal, try to find something baked, boiled or grilled. Skip out on anything that says basted, breaded or country style. These have a reputation for being incredibly fatty.
Finally, just make sure that you are having a great time! You might also consider carrying a water bottle and some multi-vitamins with you to ensure you are not dehydrated or missing out on essential nutrients. No amount of dieting should interfere with your enjoyment of the trip.
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