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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Testimony: Fibromyalgia (1)

Fibromyalgia (Brian)

In 1987 Brian came down with a mysterious two week-long illness that totally debilitated him. After a long struggle he was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. His doctor was not helpful and told him that it was something he would have to learn to live with.

Brian came up with his own treatment program to help himself be able to function from day to day, but that was all it was able to do. He left advertising for a less stressful position with a photo lab. He found that exercise and healthier food choices relieved some symptoms. But there was still a missing piece.

We married in November of 1991 and I had to accept that Brian would have good days and bad days. Soon his condition worsened. He began to have constant nausea and stomach upset. Brian was unable to keep food down and his pain was out of control.

In April of 1992, we attended an Earth Day Celebration. Brian saw a Shaklee booth and shared with me how he was familiar with Shaklee - as his aunt's doctor had recommended Shaklee Meal Shakes when she was going through chemotherapy. Brian knew how wonderful the Meal Shakes were and thought they might help him as well.

The Shaklee Meal Shakes were such a blessing. After Brian began to see his health improve from the shakes alone, he learned about their other vitamins and supplements. Brian's health began to improve rapidly. The Fibromyalgia symptoms he always experienced were less frequent and severe.

In the January of 2000, Brian began a specific Shaklee program for Fibromyalgia sufferers. On this program, he remained headache free for over a year! The other symptoms he experienced almost completely went away. For the first time in years, he has been feeling great and finally beginning to remember what he use to feel like years ago, before the Fibromyalgia took over his life.

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