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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Testimony: Fibromyalgia (3) & Lupus

Over the last thirty years, I can't remember a day when I felt well. As a young adult, I experienced nausea, dizziness, constant headaches and extreme fatigue and weakness. After my children were born, the symptoms seemed to increase. Since I felt that way every day, I gradually came to think that was just the way my body was and I tried to cope the best I could.

As the years went by, my list of symptoms seemed to grow. Every two or three years, I would visit our family doctor, who would dismiss my symptoms as "that's just life". Finally, in 1990 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. At that time, my doctor said there wasn't anything that could be done for me, and suggested that a lot of my problem was in my head. I would leave the doctor's office feeling discouraged and frustrated.

While my kids were in college, I worked as a graphics designer for a local automotive company. Because the hours were long and I was under a lot of stress, I tried to excuse the increasing symptoms. They became harder and harder to ignore. I was experiencing a lot of joint pain and swelling, painful sores in my mouth and throat, pain in my heart and lungs, and of course, the ever present fatigue. I felt as though I had a severe case of the flu all of the time.

One night as I left work, the pain and fatigue were so great I could hardly drive. Somehow, I arrived home, and managed to crawl up the stairs to our bedroom. Not able to remove my clothing, I collapsed onto the bed in tears.

The next day I was taken to the doctor who dismissed my complaints and sent me home with some pain killers. By this time, I had the butterfly rash across my face and was experiencing hair loss, chills, fever, and intense pain. I was taken back to the doctor who referred me to a rheumatologist.

In the two weeks that followed until my appointment, I could hardly move, and had to be fed, bathed, and cared for in every way. The time for my appointment finally arrived, and that day my sedimentation rate was 140. The doctor was concerned that my blood vessels would burst. After several hours of testing, he diagnosed me as having Lupus; and sent me home with an assortment of drugs, including prednisone and methatrexate. I later learned that he had not expected me to live through the week.

With my condition improving slightly, the drugs enabled me to function on a limited basis. I tried to return to work, but was unable to keep pace. My days were filled with pain and extreme fatigue along with feelings of hopelessness and frustration.

Having read several articles on nutrition, I began taking supplements from GNC. Two years later, I could feel little difference in my health. At that time, I was introduced to Shaklee. I began taking Shaklee supplements, and at the end of two months, started to feel just a slight difference. This encouraged me to continue, and each week I felt a little stronger.

It has now been six months since I began taking Shaklee supplements; and the doctor has taken me off prednisone, methatrexate, and the other drugs. My blood pressure has gone down 47 points, and I have renewed strength and energy. Now I have lists of projects to do with no need for a nap. My husband teases that he is going to reduce my supplements so he can keep up with me. I never dreamed that nutrition could change my life so much. My friends and family had been praying that God would heal me; we didn't expect that our prayers would be answered in this way. I am so thankful I have a second chance at life.

~Donna A

Shaklee products used each day:

10-12 tablespoons Instant Protein
15-18 B-Complex
12 Calcium Magnesium (OsteoMatrix is now available requiring less, but also suggest Chewable Calcium Magnesium)
8 Vita-E (Vita-E Complex now available needing less)
9 Vita-C (Sustained Release C now available needing less)
4 Zinc
3 OsteoMatrix

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The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

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