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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sharing Shaklee Helped Me Save My Home

Larry C. (Senior Director, TX)

When my friend Maria B. (Senior Coordinator, TX) called from the 2009 Global Conference to talk to me about Shaklee, I was ready.

At the time, I was behind on my mortgage. I wasn't sleeping well and I had a "life stinks" outlook. And even though I needed the money, I had been burned out on my previous career and didn't want to go back to it.

But I had a large balloon payment coming up on my home and I was running out of options. I was working as a massage therapist, but business was slow and my income from massage therapy did not cover my monthly obligations. Ultimately, I had to use my retirement savings to cover some of my debts, but I was still behind. I had even been considering the bank's recommendation that I short sell my home.

But I started working my Shaklee business and after a year my Shaklee income was enough to help me catch up on my mortgage payments. By consistently sharing Shaklee, I maintained an average of about $1000 a month in income over the next three years, which to this day covers my mortgage payment. Not only did I earn enough with my Shaklee business to save my house, I enjoyed some great perks, including winning some great electronic gifts and being recognized on stage at Global Conference.

After my initial success, I coasted for a couple of years with the bonus checks covering my house payment. But when the Increase Your Share promotion was announced at the end of January, I thought about my volume over the last few years and realized if I didn't generate some action, I would stay where I am. Last month I met my volume goal of 3000 PV that I set in January. One of my Directors, who had reverted, set a new personal goal of earning $1000 per month in income and just got a customer who had been with me for three years to sponsor as a Distributor and commit toFastTRACK.

Shaklee has done more for me than just help me save my home. Shaklee products have had an incredible impact on me and my family. At 57, I enjoy more energy and vitality than ever – even beating people half my age in tennis – and I'm also helping my mother live a healthier life. More than that, I'm helping people who were in the same desperate situation I was in.

One of my Directors had separated from her husband and had virtually nothing. One of my clients, who knew I had a Shaklee business, referred her to me. I showed her the business and after considering it, came to me and said she wanted to start. With the support of my upline, she was able to keep her house, her kids, and is living a stable life now.

The Increase Your Share promotion has made it much easier to get out of the coasting mode and begin actively sharing again. My team has sponsored 8 new people so far. People liked the idea of getting a free membership but getting a free product when they joined with a qualified purchase was just a no brainer. That made it easy for me to bring it up, especially for those who knew about Shaklee or have tried some products.

Increase Your Share has made making a difference easier. People don't always know the impact the products can have but everyone understands getting something free and in today's economy, that added value can take the pressure off the financial decision.

If you are in the same situation Larry was or are just looking to stay out of a desperate financial situation, why not give Sharing Shaklee a try? Contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab up top or check out our website to learn more: Why Shaklee

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