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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Look what Shaklee's Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste Did!

This past weekend we had a cleaning challenge on our recently purchased used pickup. It had this terrible brown gunk on the wheels that had carmelized. It was on there so thick and so hard you could barely scrape it off with your nail. It looked like it had been on there for years and my husband thought there was no way you could get it off. He was talking about the hundreds of dollars it would take to replace them.

He doubted that even my Scour Off could do it. I said let me try. So I grabbed a bucket of water, my Scour Off and an old toothbrush. In a matter of a few minutes I had that entire wheel sparkling like new and no scratches. My husband was flabbergasted. And the cool part was my six year old wanted to help and I could let him because Shaklee’s Scour Off is non-toxic. It’s safe and it works like nothing I have ever known.

The bad part was my six year old in his enthusiasm to help had grabbed his current toothbrush from out of the bathroom and used it! Luckily I realized it before bedtime!

It’s fun letting your kids help and know that they won’t be poisoned. And it sure is fun to prove your husband wrong when he says no way will your Shaklee get that stuff off! He loves Shaklee and now he loves it even more!

We guarantee you will too. You just have to try it. 

You can find it here: Shaklee's Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste

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