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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ashley: Infertility & Cancer Story

I would like to share with you Ashley’s story with infertility and cancer.

When I chose to start my Shaklee business I had the desire to help others achieve their health goals just like I did. Though Shaklee pays us well to help others, the real payoff is seeing other’s health improve, their lives improve, their happiness grow and their dreams achieved.

Ashley is one of them.

I wanted to share with you Ashley’s story. Ashley used Shaklee 180 to regain her shape and her confidence, what happened next was something she never expected.

If you know anyone who has faced infertility or cancer, then you know how devastating those two diagnosis can be.

The right nutrition, eliminating toxins from the home and Shaklee may not cure everything, but together they sure do change a lot of lives.

Please take 2 minutes and watch Ashley’s story. I think you will be as moved as I was to see her come from where she was to where she is today. And don’t forget to share her story with someone else who will find her just as inspiring as you did.

Watch Ashley’s Story here: Ashley's Shaklee Effect

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