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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Supplements To Avoid

Dear Shaklee Family,

When it comes to choosing the right supplement it can be “buyer beware”. The problem is there are some supplements that are actually dangerous and a few can even be fatal.

A new report has emerged that highlights a new set of dietary supplements being marketed by unscrupulous vitamin manufactures that you need to be made aware of. We wanted to tell you about these new dangerous supplements and we urge you to share this info with your friends.

This report, authored by Dr. Stephen Chaney is a real eye opener. I trust Dr. Chaney as he does such thorough research into every study, paper and journal publication to help us better understand what it all means.

You can read his article on these dangerous new supplements here: Supplements To Avoid

As the doctor states, these dangerous supplements are not easy to spot on the labels so you must educate yourselves if you are buying products other than Shaklee’s.

This is just another reason I trust Shaklee to meet all my supplement needs. They do research and extensive testing into anything new being offered and they only will release a product after years of this research and testing to make sure that it not only works, but that it is safe. That is why you will never see ingredients mentioned in this article in any of Shaklee’s products. You can trust that Shaklee puts your health and safety before profits.

This is evident when there are times where we are unable to purchase a product. Shaklee does such intense testing of its raw ingredients before, during and after manufacture, that if they detect any contaminant or a problem of any kind they will halt production till it is corrected. Even if it means running out of product making it inconvenient for the rest of us. Shaklee will not release a contaminated product.

Shaklee performs over 100,000 tests annually on their products to keep us safe and to make sure they are working as expected. This is why they work. This is why I trust them and you can, too.

So read the article about these new supplement ingredients to avoid that could potentially be fatal: Supplements To Avoid

You can learn more about Shaklee’s difference here: The Shaklee Difference

To your good health,


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