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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Teen Acne Testimony

I started having problems with acne at the age of 14. After about 9 months, I saw a dermatologist. He gave me Tetracycline pills, and 2 topical antibiotics. My face cleared up after about 1 month, and I had clear skin for about the next 3 years.

I then went to college. Thinking my ailment had been "cured", I stopped using the topical antibiotics. I hadn't been taking the oral seemed that 30 days of it in the beginning did the trick, and I didn't need any more. So......I went through the same routine again—took Tetracycline for 30 days, and started using the creams on my face. The same thing happened a couple more times over the next 4 years--about 4 months after I stopped the medicines, the acne would come back worse than the time before.

After the birth of my daughter in 1997, I again stopped using the medicines, thinking that maybe with the hormonal changes my body had experienced, I was finally over it. Unfortunately, about a year after that, I got the acne back. I went back to the dermatologist, and started up on the same medicines.

This time, however, even that didn't work. Most of 1999 has been a very frustrating time for me. It seemed that nothing I did seemed to clear up my skin. In March of 1999, I started taking large doses of Shaklee supplements.

I have taken Shaklee supplements on and off since I was very young, since my mom has been a distributor for 20 years. I only took them for 1 month, after becoming discouraged that I didn't get "immediate" results. In November, I became so desperate that I was thinking about taking Accutane, which my dermatologist told me was actually considered a "cure" for acne. However, the fact that I would need liver enzymes checked during the treatment and a pregnancy test monthly due to the terrible birth defects caused by the drug really made me hesitant.

My mom told me about a friend’s experience, and her story inspired me to give Shaklee another try. I started my program in mid-November with the help of Kristelle and my mom. I started out with the following:

 2 Vita Lea per meal
 2 Sustained Release C per meal
 3 tablespoons soy protein every morning
 2 Beta Carotene(now Carotomax) per meal
 1 Lecithin per meal
 2 Zinc per day (breakfast and dinner)
 2 GLA per meal
 4 Alfalfa per meal
 4 B-Complex per meal
 4 Garlic per meal and at bedtime
 1 Optiflora at bedtime
 2 Herb Lax at bedtime

I cut down the Vita Lea to 1 per meal and stopped the Garlic after 5 weeks, when my skin had cleared up. The Garlic did more for me than the Tetracycline I had been taking.

After about the 5th week, I noticed a dramatic change in my skin. I now rarely get a new blemish, and when I do, it's very small. I also try to drink about 2 liters of water every day. I stopped drinking pop altogether. (I used to drink a lot of diet Coke).

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results. My skin is now smooth and has a glow that it didn't have before Shaklee. I used to get the worst breakouts right before my period, and this last cycle I didn't get a single new blemish!! As for my self-esteem, Shaklee has done wonders.

In my job, I meet new people nearly every day. When my skin was covered with blemishes, I sometimes just wanted to stay home from work, I was so ashamed of the face I was presenting to the world. Now, I can concentrate on my work and not what people must be thinking of me. As those of you with acne know, the blow to your self-esteem is very devastating. There was hardly a moment that I wasn't conscious of my face.

I still have red discoloration from where I had breakouts, but each day I notice they are a bit lighter. I plan to keep taking the same supplements for about a year, since I know for each year of acne, it takes about a month of supplements to heal. I encourage anyone with acne to give Shaklee a try. I feel very good knowing that the supplements are helping not only my face, but my entire body and health. The B-Complex has really helped me deal with stress more effectively.

~Heather M

**Note: Adding Shaklee’s Acne Clarifying Complex does wonders for acne and I recommend trying it along with the nutritional suggestions.

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