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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What Vitamins I Give My Own Child

People often ask me what vitamins I give my child. He gets straight A's in school and is pretty well behaved. I think he saves his rebellious attitude for home! LOL! 

He is very healthy and his pediatrician highly recommends Shaklee vitamins as being safe and the most tested vitamins on the market.

To keep him healthy, here is what he takes and why:

Incredivites: This is the multi-vitamin/multi-mineral. It is the only one with Lactoferrin that helps promote the immune system.

B-Complex: He gets one in the morning before school. It really helps with focus, anxiety and kids who are hyper.

Vit. C: We all know Vit. C is good for the immune system.

Alfalfa: For his seasonal allergies. Alfalfa does an amazing job at keeping allergies at bay and is the only herb that can be safely taken if you take medicine for anything.

Vit. D3: We are all deficient in Vit. D and it is very hard to get your levels up. Vit. D deficiencies and their symptoms are very broad and range from just fatigue to cancer and more.

OmegaGuard: This is the Omega 3's - we all know that fish oil is good for the heart, but it is also wonderful at supporting eye and brain health, especially in developing brains of children. (You can get it in a great tasting chewable: Mighty Smarts

Optiflora: This is the probiotic and the only one available that guarantees live delivery of the good guys to your gut. No other product can do that!

If on the rare occasion feels like he is coming down with something I will add garlic and other antioxidants to boost his immune system.

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