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Monday, April 27, 2015

Empty Nesters

Are you an Empty Nester? 

So now that the kids are gone or are leaving soon, what are you going to do?

If you have been a stay at home mom, do you plan to try & go back to work? What do you think are your options?

These are all tough questions. 

Let me ask you one more, "Have you ever thought of starting your own business?"

If you have, we have something you might like to look at.

Tonight we are having a free webinar for Empty Nesters who may be thinking of starting their own business where we will discuss some options. 

Those who are in this stage of life have a lot to offer and often do well in businesses of their own.

If this is something that you think might be of interest to you, then listen in and see if it is a fit for you.

Click the "Contact Us" button up top and let us know you want to join in tonight and we'll save you a seat. 
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Afterwards, be sure to get with us to learn more or to ask questions.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Facebook Giveaway!

Happy Earth Day!

We all hear the stories about Earth Day, the events, etc and think, "So what? What is it that I can do to help that won't cost me a fortune or disrupt my daily life?"

We understand that. Life is busy. Life is expensive. We want to just be able to get what we need, spend as little money as possible and keep our families safe.

Many people think, "What can I do, just one person? Does what I really do actually make a difference?"

It does. Just by what you use to clean your home or business, what you wash your clothes in and what you use to wash your dishes can have a huge impact in not only the Environment, but your health as well.

And being safe doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money or give up having a product that works well!

Shaklee offers products that work as well and often better than the toxic brands, is safe to use around those who have allergies, children and pets, and is biodegradable.

This is a subject very near and dear to my heart. There are so many children being poisoned in the home, both acutely by ingestion and chronically over time - think allergies, asthma and leukemia. 

It just breaks my heart as there is no reason they need to be exposed to these toxins. 

Please, please consider switching out your household cleaners and laundry products! I promise you, you will save a ton of money and these green products do work as well as the toxic brands.

Watch this short video on what dangers await for you in some of the everyday products you use:

You can also win our free giveaway on Facebook today if you want to enter! You can win a free bottle of our Multi-Purpose cleaner, Basic-H2 - enough to clean your house for up to a year!

Just click here to see how to enter
: Facebook Giveaway

Don't have Facebook? Find a friend who does and ask them to enter for you!

We hope you like what you see. Please let us know how we can help you achieve a healthier home.

If you contact us to learn more or place an order, you will receive a free gift!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Basic H

With Spring officially here and with it spring cleaning, there is a product that not only helps to cut your cleaning time in half, it is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Now that’s versatile!

Basic-H²  was the first official Earth Day product. We were “Green” before it was fashionable! 

Here are just 10 reasons to love Basic-H²

1. Stop Living in a Toxic Home

Some of the most dangerous chemicals are used regularly in household products, such as ammonia, chlorine bleach, phenolbutyl cellosolve, and formaldehyde—all of which can be found under your kitchen sink.

According to the EPA, the air inside our homes is more toxic than the air outside. There are many studies showing strong evidence of the rise in asthma and allergies is directly related to the household chemicals used in homes

And the number one cause of poisonings of young children is from common household cleaners.

Why risk the health of your family?

Basic-H² is nontoxic, safe for your family and it is an outstanding cleaner!

2. Cleans Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Basic-H² cleans it all from kitchens and bathrooms to appliances, woodwork, mirrors, painted walls, and floors—it even does windows.

So, toss those single-purpose cleaners like dangerous sink and tile cleaners. Mix ¼ teaspoon in 16 oz. of water in a Get Clean spray bottle for all purpose cleaning, and 2 drops in 16 oz. of water to clean windows.

Yes, I said 2 drops! That’s all!

3. Eliminate Your Ammonia-Based Window Cleaner

Basic-H² cleans windows without streaking while being a great alternative to leading brands. Basic-H² window cleaner is equivalent in performance to Windex® Original.

It is equal to over 5,000 bottles of Windex!
You would have to spend over $12,000 to buy that much toxic Windex! At MP Basic -H only costs $10.35

It does an amazing job at cleaning glass for a fraction of the cost and your young children can help! Unlike ammonia-based window cleaners, Basic-H² is safe for them to spray and not worry about getting it on them. You can’t say that about Windex®!

4. Removes the Impossible

From lipstick on a linen napkin to crayons on a painted wall, full-strength Basic-H² comes to the rescue.
There has been many a time that Basic-H² has removed those mystery stains from kid’s clothes and safely cleaned so many other items around our house!

5. Great for Cutting Grease

Tough on greasy barbecue grills, ovens, and even oil spots on concrete. Mix 2 oz. per gallon of water for a super degreaser formula.

Basic-H² even works on cleaning greasy husbands!

6. Does Odd Jobs

One tablespoon of Basic-H² in a bucket of hot water lifts off old wallpaper. One and a half teaspoons in a half gallon cleans sticky paintbrushes. Just soak for 24 hours and rinse with hot tap water.
It cleans old, stiff paint brushes, too!

7. Saves Money

One 16 oz. bottle of Basic-H² diluted per label directions makes 214 bottles (28 oz.) of ready-to-use all-purpose cleaner.

With all the uses for Basic-H² you would spend thousands of dollars on other cleaners!

8. Camping and Traveling Companion

Take along a small size of Basic-H² to keep clothes, dishes, and everything else clean. And you’ll help by keeping the great outdoors unpolluted. 

Since Basic-H² does not pollute, there are many nature programs and organizations that rely on Basic-H² to safely clean and wash clothes and dishes while in the great outdoors.

9. Easy on the Planet

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, Basic-H² handles even hard-to-clean jobs without phosphates, borates, nitrates, or other stuff the planet doesn’t appreciate.

10. Less in the Landfill

Basic-H² is super concentrated, so you’ll use fewer bottles of cleaning products throughout the year.

…and that’s just 10 of over a hundred different ways you can use Basic H in your home! I follow the general rule of, if it’s safe to get wet, then it’s safe to use 

Try Basic-H² in your home risk free. If you aren’t satisfied 100% we’ll give you your money back!

Want to know more or how to order Basic H? Click here:

Contact us to learn how to save 15%!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cleaning White Baseball Pants

My son started little league this year and wouldn’t you know it, his baseball pants are snow white. On opening day it had rained earlier and the mud on ball fields is an interesting mix of stain causing colors.

My son’s team won and so did the mud over the pants.

Here is a picture before I tackled the mud. It was ground in as my son thinks he has to slide every chance he gets. Lucky me.

I used my “Soak the Impossible” recipe and here they are now! Ta da! Mom and her cleaners does it again!

They say to take a picture as it will last longer. So I did as I believe it is going to rain the night before his next game.

Want to know what I did to get them so clean?

I used Shaklee’s Get Clean line of safe, non-toxic laundry products.

I rinsed them in the stationary tub to get some of the crusty mud off. Then I washed them with an old white towel (to balance the load) with Shaklee’s 

Do not dry them in the dryer, it will set the stain. (However, I have been known to get even dryer set in stains out with this method - it just takes longer)

Then in a small tub I added hot water and a squirt of the Liquid Laundry Concentrate. Then I added about a ¼ cup of Nature Bright Laundry Booster & Stain Remover and a quick squirt of Basic-H², mix it well then add the pants. 

I scrub the bad spots by hand. You can either rub the fabric together or use a scrub brush. Just be careful using a brush though as it can mess up the fiber. I prefer to rub the fabric together.

If the water gets really dirty then dump it out and refill with water and the laundry products, then submerge pants in the water to soak. Make sure entire clothing is covered with water.

Depending on how bad the stains are and the type of fabric it is will determine how long they need to soak. I soaked these for two days, scrubbing once per day and changing out the water and laundry products as the water became dirty, which was only once.

The coach’s wife said the brand of pants we had, Under Armour was bad for holding stains. Wouldn’t you know it that would be the brand we purchased. Oh well, I was up to the challenge and was confident Shaklee & I could get them clean.

I think the picture says it all!

If you want to purchase the products mentioned, just click on the links or visit our Healthy Home page for the complete line.

Shaklee’s home products are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and as you can see really work!

You can purchase the products individually or as a complete kit. And for every Get Clean Starter Kit purchased you will get a free membership* which entitles you to 15-25% off of everything PLUS you will get a free Scour Off Paste – we use this to safely clean our oven, grill and much more!

*Note: Membership means you get big discounts and special sales. There are NO minimums to buy or any other requirements other than ordering at least once a year to maintain member status. 

If you know of a mom who is struggling with stains, share with her this story. You will be saving her health and her sanity all at the same time!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Choosing the Right Pre-Natal Vitamin

Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

Watch this short video where Dr. Matt discusses what to take as a pre-natal, how to choose the right one and what to stay away from.

I was an "older" mom when I had my child and I took what Dr. Matt recommends, Shaklee Vitalizer was my pre-natal and my doctor was very impressed with my blood levels of nutrients. 

I had an easy pregnancy and did not have all the problems many older moms face while pregnant. And I had a very healthy baby.

Shaklee's vitamins come from only whole food sources, just like he recommends. I trust Shaklee & you can, too.

Find them here: Shaklee Vitalizer

Not sure which vitamin is right for you? Contact us and we will talk with you and help you make the best choice for your needs.

Cleaning Soot from Carpets

A Shaklee friend Greg, found out a simple and easy way to get out soot from a fireplace on a light colored carpet. 

If you have ever had this problem, you know wetting it and rubbing it can cause a bad problem to get much worse.

Here is what Greg did: Take a vacuum hose and vacuum up as much as you can by holding the hose over the spot. Do not use the vacuum carpet cleaner with the brushes, only the hose. Be careful not to grind in the soot.

Then spray with a mixture of Basic-H2 and water (degreaser formula) then blot, not rub with clean paper towels or a clean, white cloth towel.* 

Just keep blotting with the clean side of the towels, changing them as they get soiled. Spraying more Basic-H mixture as needed to clean. Blot until dry. Remember not to rub, just blot.

I have done this on my light colored carpet and have been able to remove soot stains, grease stains, oil, blood, dog urine, mud and more.

To try our Basic-H multi purpose cleaner visit: 

*I recommend testing for colorfastness first

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shaklee’s April 2015 Sales & Specials

Welcome to our Celebrating Earth Day April 2015 Sales & Specials Update! 

Shaklee has always celebrated Earth Day every day and we are always excited to share how much the Environment means to us.

Order by April 30, 2015 and receive the following FREE gifts:
  • Buy any Get Clean Kit and receive a Scour Off scouring paste FREE– used to clean ovens, grills, sinks, tubs and more! Also, new people can receive a free membership!
  • Buy Basic-H² Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and receive a 3 pack spray bottles plus a dropper tip bottle FREE! You can clean just about everything with Basic-H² - it’s a great and safe cleaner to use around children and pets.

Get Clean® products offer solutions that are not only safe, but powerful. We worked with an outside independent testing lab to conduct performance tests with major brands and found that Get Clean performs as well or better than over 20 competing brands.

Get Clean Starter Kit saves you money and saves the environment!

You would need to spend over $3,400 to get the same cleaning power from major name brands!*

Get Clean Starter Kit is equal to:

60 Bottles of Fantastik®, 32 oz.
32 Bottles of Mop ‘n Glo®, 32 oz.
728 Bottles of Windex®, 26 oz.
1 Bottle of Woolite®, 50 oz.
1 Container of Clorox® Wipes
1 Bottle of Soft Scrub®
2.5 Boxes of Cascade®, 45 oz.
2 Boxes of Tide®, 50 oz.
3 Bottles of Downy®, 20 oz.
1 Box of Bounce®

And the cost of a Get Clean Starter Kit is only $99 MP – a fraction of what these toxic products cost! Remember, you would have to spend $3400 of the toxic brands to get the same amount of cleaners.
Home should be the safest, healthiest place in the whole world. But, today’s insulated air-tight homes are filled with chemicals that have never been tested for human toxicity - in the air, the walls, carpets, and in the household cleaners, which can carry some pretty scary warning labels. We believe cleaning house shouldn’t involve dirtying the earth.

We Offer Earth-Friendly Product Choices

·         Sustainable ingredients from natural sources
·         Biodegradable surfactants
·         Recyclable packaging
·         Recyclable wipes
·         Recyclable dryer sheets
·         No chlorine bleach
·         No phosphates
·         No nitrates
·         No borates
·         No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
·         Shaklee does not test on animals

For more than 50 years Shaklee has created products that improve the health of people and the planet.

This sale ends April 30th so don’t delay in ordering.

Please contact us with questions & we will be happy to help you have a Healthy Home!

We wish you very Happy Spring!


*Note: This sale is only offered through me and cannot be redeemed online. Please get with me before ordering to assure you receive your free gifts.

Allergies, Asthma & A Weak Immune System

Join us tonight April 7, 2015 to hear more about allergies, asthma and how building up your immune system can naturally relieve symptoms.

Call Info:

8:45 PM Eastern Time 
7:45 PM Central Time
6:45 PM Mountain Time
5:45 PM Pacific Time

To join in call: (212) 990-8000 Pin # 16262

Upcoming Calls: Mark your calendars – spread the word!  
April 14 - Trudy Bledsoe ~ Seven Reasons Why                                      I LOVE Shaklee Alfalfa!
April 21 - Trudy Bledsoe ~ MindWorks – The Product,                           Personal Stories, Follow up
April 28 - Dr. Frank Painter  ~ Safety of Conventional                             Supplements
May   5 -  Linda Riggin ~ Living 50 yrs with Type 1 Diabetes,                 Complication FREE-Thanks to Shaklee!

After the call, please contact us to learn more on how to help relieve your allergies and build up your immune system.
Click the "Contact Us" tab up top and tell us you want to learn more about allergies & asthma and the best way to reach you and we will be in touch.

You can also message us on Facebook:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Presenting the Shaklee Opportunity

Our special guest presenter this week will be Lisa Anderson, Sr. Executive Coordinator, CO.

Lisa and David Anderson joined Shaklee in 2001, when Lisa was looking for healthy nutrition for her four young children. 

 Lisa started her own Shaklee business to be at home for her school-aged children and still contribute an income. 

When her husband was unexpectedly laid off from his job right before Christmas, Lisa's business was there for her family. 

The rewards, including multiple trips, have been great. But for Lisa, the greatest reward is helping families get healthier and more stable financially, as a result of what she can share with them through Shaklee.

How to Hear Lisa's story:


Webcast Link:

Dial-In Number: 1-650-281-0004

Note: To listen to the live presentation via your computer, please follow the following steps:

1) Select listening via your computer as you log in. 

2) Open Settings and see what is selected – if the radio button is already clicked and there is no sound coming through, then toggle the selection off and then on again. 

3) A pop-up about Adobe Flash Player Settings appears that asks to share your 
microphone. Click on both the Allow and the Remember box. Finally, click the Close button, and after a short delay you should be able to hear the meeting through your computer.

Afterwards, please contact us with your questions to see if Shaklee would be a good fit for you. You can click the "Contact Us" tab up top, let us know what you would like to learn more about and we will get back with you or you can visit our website:

April Short Stories - Nursing, Cholesterol, BP info and more!

Here are some wonderful short stories to share with you on how to increase your milk supply if you are nursing, cholesterol and blood pressure info, plus more!

If you would like to receive this in an email for easier reading, please join our email list by clicking the "Contact Us" tab up top and telling us that you want to receive our newsletter.

For more information on the products mentioned here please visit our website: 

The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

Thank you to Lorri Kreusher for providing such a great newsletter to share.

Keeping Our Dreams Alive With Shaklee

Ann S. - Second generation Shaklee Business Leader, wife, mother (and soon to be grandmother) Anne (Senior Coordinator, OH) is having some of her best months in Shaklee. In the first three months of 2015, she’s grown her volume by nearly 36% as compared the previous three months. Check out how Shaklee has made a difference for her family and her tips for earning an incentive trip.

I was 18 years old when my parents, Fred & Rose (Key Coordinators, OH), joined Shaklee. At the time, my dad worked 60+ hours a week in a management position so he wasn't looking for any more work. 

But when a family member introduced him to the Shaklee opportunity, he was smart enough to see what Shaklee could mean to our family. 

My mom initially resisted the idea of another 'job' but she fell in love with the products and their business was born.

They switched gears from working for someone else's dreams to creating their own, and because of that decision they have enjoyed travel all over the world on Shaklee. 

Nearly 40 years later, they own a beautiful property on a private lake, they have traveled the world, still enjoy working their business part-time and their Shaklee income still allows them to do or buy anything they need or want. 

But even more than that, their Shaklee lifestyle also helped them to live more vital lives.

I have always loved the products but it wasn't until I had my own family that I saw the beauty of the business. 

I always knew that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to be there to witness my children’s 'firsts,’ help out in their schools, coach their sports teams, and just be with them -- without putting a financial strain on our family. 

With Shaklee, I have been able to do that. And my Shaklee business has also given me a greater purpose --to share this gift with other families who might have similar goals.

Our Shaklee income allowed me the opportunity to fire my boss, be a stay at home mom and help my husband Doug retire from his job three years earlier than we had planned.

And now that Doug is retired, he’s been a very important part of building our business and inviting others to experience what we have with Shaklee. 

We know too many people who retire on a tight budget and feel 'stuck'. Shaklee helps us to keep our dreams alive as we continue to make new and exciting plans for growing our family's future.

One of the greatest gifts of owning a Shaklee business is the intangible benefit of growing and helping others grow. As I have strived to be better and reach goals that I have set, I have experienced the excitement of seeing myself develop as a person and a business woman. 

And when I help someone else discover their hidden gifts and talents or I'm able to help them push through their doubt and come out on the other side stronger and more confident it is extremely rewarding! 

Doug and I couldn’t be more proud of the hard efforts of our Team Thrive Leaders and builders who have fearlessly and unselfishly shared the Shaklee Effect™ with others!


When incentive trips were announced in the past, I would always think 'wouldn't that be nice' as if it were some far-fetched dream that someone else would ultimately enjoy. I never believed that I would actually be on that trip.

That all changed when Shaklee announced they were going to Atlantis, in the Bahamas. As it turns out, sliding down that pyramid slide in Atlantis was on my bucket list! I realized it was “that voice” in my head keeping me (and all of us!) from doing something worthwhile. So I made the decision to change the channel.

I put a photo of the Atlantis hotel on my screen saver and I looked at it every single morning. I mentally picked out our hotel room and pictured us out on that balcony, breathing in the ocean air, listening to the waves hitting the beach and feel the warmth of the sun. In my heart, we were already there. I had no doubt we would achieve that trip. Then I went to work helping people.

That year, we earned the trip to Atlantis and the funny thing was, our room was only three rooms down the hall from the one I had picked for us on my screensaver! That's no small feat when you consider that the hotel has over 3,400 rooms!

The very next year we helped two of our teams to join us on the next Shaklee incentive trip, which I found even more rewarding. I can't wait until we have hundreds of our team members joining us on trips!”

Want to learn more about Shaklee’s business opportunity and see if it would be right for you?

Contact us or visit our website:

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