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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cleaning Soot from Carpets

A Shaklee friend Greg, found out a simple and easy way to get out soot from a fireplace on a light colored carpet. 

If you have ever had this problem, you know wetting it and rubbing it can cause a bad problem to get much worse.

Here is what Greg did: Take a vacuum hose and vacuum up as much as you can by holding the hose over the spot. Do not use the vacuum carpet cleaner with the brushes, only the hose. Be careful not to grind in the soot.

Then spray with a mixture of Basic-H2 and water (degreaser formula) then blot, not rub with clean paper towels or a clean, white cloth towel.* 

Just keep blotting with the clean side of the towels, changing them as they get soiled. Spraying more Basic-H mixture as needed to clean. Blot until dry. Remember not to rub, just blot.

I have done this on my light colored carpet and have been able to remove soot stains, grease stains, oil, blood, dog urine, mud and more.

To try our Basic-H multi purpose cleaner visit: 

*I recommend testing for colorfastness first

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