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Monday, May 4, 2015

Joint Health Testimonies

I am a 60-year-old female working in the medical profession, who was injured in an automobile accident. I had severe trauma to both shoulders, pelvis, right hip.  

I was in physical therapy for several months, had isosporiasis injections as well as Cortisone injections. This helped minimally with my knee. 

After eight months I was still limping, sometimes not being able to walk more than a block without pain. Being an active walker and go to the gym four times a week, this has really been depressing to me.  

I get a full body massage every other week and this has helped me tremendously. On one of my visits I saw the Shaklee products and asked for a brochure. On reading about the Joint Health Complex and seeing information in my medical journals regarding cartilage rebuilding, I tried a bottle.

The first two weeks I could tell no difference, then within the next couple of days I could tell a tremendous difference. The tendons did not feel as tight, there was less pain when I walked and I was actually able to go up and down my stairs with minimal pain. 

Also, I had been unable to sleep on either shoulder for very long since the accident, and I noticed a decrease in the symptoms there also. The tenderness has diminished around the patella and inside of my knee. 

The symptoms with the gastrocnemius that felt swollen and tender have diminished almost completely. I feel the Joint Health Complex  has definitely begun to help the injury there. 

I take three of the Joint Health Complex along with a Shaklee iron tablet and the Soy Energizing Protein every morning. I can tell a difference in my energy level and my general condition. I asked the distributor to please keep a supply of the Joint Health Complex on hand, I do not want to be without them.  
 Tom and Donna are excellent customers in one of my director's organizations.  Donna sent me the following e-mail.  This is like a double blind study on one person! 

My best testimonial for that stuff (Joint Health Complex) is Tom.  He was in an accident 18 years ago plus works construction.  He has had trouble with shoulders and knees forever.  

When I started him on those I didn't tell him what they were.  Then after two months I asked if he was feeling any differently aches and pain wise.  Then he kind of cocked his head and said "You know, my knees aren't hurting anymore and just last week my shoulders stopped aching too.  What are you giving me?"…..Lori K
My husband had a torn rotator cuff, which was confirmed by an MRI.  The orthopaedic surgeon recommended surgery, naturally!  

At the time, my husband, Ron, could not lift his arm to comb his hair, put on a sport coat, or do much or anything.  

We added the following supplements to his normal daily routine: OmegaGuard - 3 a day, GLA - 3 a day, Joint Health Complex - 2-3 daily. 

Within one month, he was lifting his arm.  Within two months he was combing his hair and putting on clothes normally.   

Within three months, he was able to do all the manual yard work as before.  

And a year later, you would never know it had ever been torn.  

He still takes the above supplements, plus Vita Lea, Alfalfa, C, Calcium, E, Saw Palmetto,  Mental Acuity, B,  Optiflora, CorEnergy. 
Lyn S

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. Click Here to fill out contact form.

The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is just a testimony from an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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