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Friday, May 1, 2015

Save Money With Product Collections for Allergies, Energy & Women's Health

Save money this month with our  Product Collections.

Whether you are looking for ways to relieve allergies naturally, have more energy or provide a great gift of health for Mother's Day, we have a program for you.

Not sure what you need? Contact us and we will be happy to help you pick what's right for your needs saving you time & money.

Allergy Relief Programs - Save 15%
          Good                     Better                          Best
                   Vit. C                      Vit. C                           Vit. C
                   Alfalfa                    Alfalfa                          Alfalfa
                   Nutriferon              Nutriferon                    Nutriferon
                   $77.15                   Optiflora                      Optiflora
                                                  $96.25                        Vita-Lea
                   Good                     Better                         Best
                   Chewable C          Chewable C               Chewable C
                   Alfalfa                    Alfalfa                         Alfalfa
                   $39.80                   Optiflora                     Optiflora
                                                  $58.90                       Incredivites

Energy Program – Save 15%
Energy Chews

Women’s Health Program – Save 15%
GLA or Menopause Balancing Complex
$73.30 or $70.70

All prices are listed at MP. This discount is for members. Membership can be free* and there are NO minimums to buy or other requirements other than purchasing at least once a year to remain active.
*Please contact us for details on obtaining the free membership.

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