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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Shaklee Cleaners - 1 / Oil - 0

We have a car trailer that we use to haul our cars when we race.
On a trip home late one night the oil cooler on our tow vehicle blew a line shooting diesel oil all over the side of the truck and all over our white trailer.

If you have ever seen diesel oil, then you know just how nasty it is.

You can buy a special trailer wash designed to get a white trailer white again since they tend to "grey" over time. That will get the oil off, but unfortunately it will take off some of the paint, too. You can see that the dangerous chemicals remove the paint along with the grime because when you rinse it off, the water turns the color of the paint. Not good for the surface for sure.

I was determined to try my beloved Shaklee Get Clean line and low and behold - they worked fabulous! You can see the four panels that I cleaned and the remaining where I hadn't yet.

My husband who was so skeptical, couldn't believe it!

So the next time life literally "throws" a nasty, dirty mess your way - you can safely and effectively clean it up and save money in the process!

I used these two products:


Scour Off (Note: Be sure to use caution with Scour Off on painted surfaces. Contact me to learn how I used it  - I will be happy to share.)

To find all of Shaklee's safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and awesome cleaners, click here:

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