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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Single Mom with 4 Children Builds Her Own Business

Carolyn's Shaklee Effect

"I came from nothing," Carolyn Spargur says, "and who would have thought" that she would come so far. Carolyn celebrated 50 years in Shaklee in 2015.

Carolyn started her business as a single mom raising four children. She was working two jobs till someone took the time to show her a better way. I love what she says at the end. smile emoticon

Carolyn built her business back when it wasn't so easy especially being a single mom. If she could do it then, we can definitely do it now! 

To learn more you can click the "Contact Me" button up top and request more information or visit us at

Friday, November 13, 2015

Tips For Making Your Dishwasher Perform Better

We love our dishwashers, don’t we?

I love being able to throw the dishes in, slam the door, hit a couple buttons and walk away.

And happiness is when all the dirty dishes fit in the dishwasher. Yay!

After a while though, our favorite appliance can begin to let us down. Dishes aren’t getting as clean as they used to, glasses are spotted and it can begin to smell.

So what are we to do? The thought of a new dishwasher sounds delightful, but don’t throw out your old friend quite yet.

To keep your kitchen buddy working at his best, he does need some TLC. Yes, that’s right – you need to do a bit of regular maintenance.

Now before you start to say, “Ugh! I’d rather just buy a new one!” the maintenance really isn’t that hard – if you do it on a regular basis.

The first thing to do is dig out the owner’s manual. The manual will tell you what parts you can take apart to clean.

Here’s a tip. Buy a big binder and large pocket sleeve protectors, then put all your household appliance manuals in there and file it on a bookshelf. This makes the manuals easy to find and take up less space. Plus, if you ever go to sell your house, leave that book out on the counter and the new potential buyers will love you for it and may look at your house more eagerly.

All those food particles and debris gets trapped in the filters built into the dishwasher and they need to be cleaned out every so often. But don’t worry it’s not hard.

Most dishwashers are very similar in the bottom. Remove the bottom rack, and proceed to one-by-one remove the sprayer arm, strainer and filters per your manual. I have like 5 pieces that remove for cleaning in mine.

Tip: Place them in order from left to right how you took them out. This way you will remember which order they go when you go to put them back in. They only fit one way, kind of like a puzzle.

Take a toothbrush and some gentle cleaner. I like to use Basic-H² and scrub all the pieces thoroughly and rinse. Then spray with a good disinfectant all over the pieces and down in the sprayer arm holes. I like to use Basic-G as a good disinfectant. Do NOT use bleach or any other harsh cleanser.

If the sprayer arms have clogged holes, use a pipe cleaner or small straw brush to gently clean the holes. Do NOT use a toothpick because the tip could break off inside the arm, clogging the holes and later molding inside.

You will notice when you pull out the pieces at the bottom to clean there is still a puddle of water there and wonder why it doesn’t drain all the way. I wondered the same thing.

I learned it’s because you don’t want the pump or the seals to be dry. If the seals become brittle, you will end up with messy leaks and pumps are expensive to replace.

If you notice when you start your dishwasher, it will drain the water that’s in it first before filling with new water. So it doesn’t use that old water that had been sitting there in the wash cycle.

Tip: Run water at the faucet to hot before starting the dishwasher. This will shorten the time it takes for the dishwasher to heat the water, saving time and electricity.

I will clean this underwater area too, so as to prevent molding and to inspect. You can take an old towel to soak up the water and then use a rag to wipe out.

You will also want to gently clean the seal where the bottom of the door meets the bottom of the tub. No water gets here unless the seal is bad, but the moisture can make it start to mold there. Mold is something you do not want to get ahead of you, so attack it before it starts with a good disinfectant.

Clean up any stains and rust areas. Inspect your racks for breakage and tips missing so your dishes do not get damaged.

Inspect your seals for cracks and leakage. Get them fixed right away or you will be fixing your nice floor after a major water leak springs.

If you haven’t cleaned your dishwasher’s parts in a while you are in for a real treat. It can be nasty, so carve out some time. After that if you keep up with the cleaning, it will only take a few minutes and won’t be so yucky. I try and clean mine about once a month.

Like anything else, if you keep up with it it’s not so much work, but if you let the cleaning part get away from you then you will be spending more time cleaning it and doing the dishes more often since they aren’t getting as clean as they used to.

So there you go. An easy way to make your dishwasher act like new again without spending money. Think about all your dishwasher does for you and repay it with a little love and a little cleaning now and then. Just like any relationship – it needs some attention.

Dishwashing detergent can be very toxic and deadly to children and animals. Please protect the ones you love by using a safe, natural alternative.

I love Shaklee’s Automatic Dishwashing Powder. It works as well as the toxic brands, but is much safer and cheaper to use because you actually use less of it due to it being so concentrated. It is also great for cleaning other stubborn messes.

Click here to find all of Shaklee’s Healthy Home products:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christina Loukas - Competitive Diver

This is Christina Loukas - A two-time Summer Games competitor and nine-time national champion in diving and Shaklee Pure Performance Athlete. 

She says, "I typically don't take any vitamins, but taking the Life-Strip has helped me! In the past two weeks I had a bunch of exams, and I felt very run down from the lack of sleep. With the help of Life-Strip, my immune system held up well! So I feel like the nutrition in Life-Strip had a big part in that.”

Read about Christina's life and achievements here:

If you would like to know more about the vitamins in Life Strip that Christina is using you can contact us for a free consultation or visit:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sinus & Allergy Problems in the Fall?

Allergies, sinus pressure & pain….what gives?

It is fall and we’ve already had frost. The flowers are gone and the grass has stopped growing so how can I be experiencing allergies?

This time of year we have a lot of people come to us with their allergies looking for help and asking these very same questions.

Even though frost has killed off a lot of the flowers, many weeds are now going to seed. Leaves are falling, laying on the ground getting wet and decaying. This process leaves a perfect place for mold and dust to take over and if you are sensitive to this, you get the allergies and sinus problems.

Also, with the temperatures dipping low at night, many people turn on their furnaces that blow out 6 months of dust build up. Then there are people who heat with wood, so they are cutting wood and starting to burn it. This is a popular time for trees to be trimmed and cut down. All this sawdust flying around can throw your allergies into a tailspin.

So what can you do?

You could turn to the medications, both prescribed and over the counter, but all these have some pretty nasty side effects. And if your children are the ones suffering, it has been recommended by health researchers that the ingredients in those medications are very dangerous to children and do not recommend giving them to children.

Here are a couple of examples:

Corticosteroids – used to prevent and treat inflammation.
Side effects: cataracts, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, delayed growth in children

Antihistamines – blocks histamines, an inflammatory chemical produced by your immune system.
Side effect: dry mouth, drowsiness, slow reaction time (not good if you are driving).

Ex: Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Benadryl

According to the Mayo Clinic, “These older, sedating meds should not be given to children.” And according to the Food & Drug Administration, “These drugs can cause serious and potentially life–threatening adverse events in young children…death, convulsion, rapid heart rates, and decreased levels of consciousness have been reported.”

Wow! That’s scary!

There are healthier alternatives.

We all know about limiting the white stuff we consume – sugar, flour, salt in excess makes it too hard on our bodies to fight foreign invaders. Allergies are closely tied to the immune system. If your body is busy fighting germs with no good nutrients to fuel it, the immune system will suffer and allergy symptoms are often the first sign your immune system is failing.

You knew it would come to this….eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein. Yep, it’s the starting point of fixing most all health issues.

After that you want to supplement to fill in the gaps of what you can’t eat every day. I don’t even eat 7 fresh fruits and veggies EVERY day, do you? Of course not.

So what supplements are good for building the immune system and fighting allergies?

Always start with your multi-vitamin/multi-mineral to be your foundation and build a specific program from there based on your specific needs.

Then I suggest adding Alfalfa, Vitamin C, Garlic, Vitamin D, OmegaGuard (omega 3) Probiotics & Nutriferon.

We actually have a wonderful webinar we did where we discuss allergies, the medications used, healthy options and what you can do to get relief.

In this webinar we hear from a doctor who is very knowledgeable about the drug classes and latest research and we hear from a nutritionist as well as a mom whose child suffered horribly and find out what she did to get her relief. If you think you would like to listen to this webinar, let me know.

Not sure where to start or what to choose?

Just contact me by clicking the “Contact Me” button up top and we can set up an appointment to talk. Our consultations are always free. 

To see the vitamin brand we recommend using click here:

We want you to enjoy your fall, not suffer through it!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Doggie Landmines - You Know They're Out There, You Just Don't Know Where

Isn't that the truth!

The quickest way to find them is walk around in your good shoes.

Speaking of doggies, is what you are mopping your floor with poisoning your beloved friend?

Dogs love to lick the kitchen floor, don't they? They try and get every last crumb, which is great when you have kids. 

The problem is if you are using a store bought floor cleaner, you could be poisoning him without knowing it.

The rise of cancer in dogs is growing. One culprit could be what you cleaning your home with. 

If you would panic if he drank the mop water, knowing it could kill him, then why are you mopping the floor with that stuff knowing he's going to be licking the floor?

We saw the problem with this even before we had kids. Our dogs are family members and I didn't want to use anything that would hurt them, so I switched the toxic cleaners to Shaklee's Get Clean line.

I love Shaklee's Get Clean products. They are safe, biodegradable, they work better than the toxic store brands and they are even cheaper to use. 

What's not to love about that?

Here is what I mop my floors in and clean just about everything else with, too: Basic-H²

I highly recommend trying them.

And watch where you step when you go outside! 

Happy Fall!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Headache & Migraine Causes & Solutions Webinar

On Monday night Nov. 9th, we will be discussing headaches & migraines - their most common causes and solutions. 

We will have some wonderful health experts leading the discussion and if there is time, they will have Q & A afterwards.

This is a common problem many people face, so if you know of anyone suffering with chronic headaches and migraines, please let them know about this - any relief they can find would be a gift.

It will be conducted live online Monday night 9:00 ET - so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home & travel anywhere.

Just get with me if you want to attend and I will save you a spot. smile emoticon

Please share this with your friends - you never know who this might help. 


You can contact me on here by clicking the "Contact Us" tab up top. A form will pop up and just tell me you want to attend this free webinar and your email address and I will send you the info on attending.

You can also connect with us on Facebook 

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