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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Worried About Eating Too Much At The Holiday Party? 5 Tips To Beat The Cravings Monster

Look like somebody you know?

If this looks like you when you get around all those delicious goodies, learn to fight the cravings monster with these 5 tips:

  • Eat before you leave. Prepare for battle before you leave home. Eat a filling meal with fiber and protein. This will help you feel fuller longer thereby keeping your will power going longer.
    Don’t have time to prepare a big meal? Try our delicious protein mixes of our Protein Shakes to make a quick smoothie with protein and leucine that will help you feel fuller longer without all the fat.
  • Drink a lot of water. It’s OK to have your favorite beverage, but just sip on it throughout the evening and when you need to drink due to thirst have your water handy. Watch the water additives though. They can pack sneaky calories & sugar you don’t need any more of!
    Try our wonderful Energizing Tea packets in Green Tea Matcha or Sweet Pomegranate. They give you energy and taste with only 5 calories!
  • Eat the good stuff first. Now is the time to save the sweets for last. When filling up your plate in line, pile on the fruit and veggies. This way your plate will only have room for a sweet or two and you won’t overindulge.
    Want something sweet, but afraid you won’t stop? Try our great Meal-in-a-Bar or Snack Bars. Both will fill your sweet tooth without a lot of extra calories and sugar. Great for diabetics who want to indulge a little, but don’t want to worry about what it will do to their sugar levels.
  • Exercise before you leave. Be sure and get a good workout or walk in that day. The later you can do it before you have to get ready to leave the better. Your body loves movement so be sure to work it good. Exercise also helps to dim the appetite for a little while helping you to fend off those cravings.
    Be sure to keep hydrated with our Performance re-hydration drink. It gives you the hydration you need without all the sugar and calories of other sports drinks.
  • Relax. Remember, it’s a party and while food may be at the center of it, it is not the main reason you are there. If you are busy talking, laughing and having fun, you won’t have as much time to eat. So be sure to mingle, relax and have some fun.
    And it’s OK if you over indulge just a bit – it’s not permanent. 

After the holidays, if you are ready to jumpstart your new healthier lifestyle, get with us and we will be glad to help you achieve your goals. J


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