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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Taking Green to the Next Level

We recognize that a healthy individual and a healthy planet go hand in hand. Environmental sustainability is something we strive for every day, and we have discovered that choosing the healthiest ingredients for our products also means making the best choices for our planet. 

Our Get Clean® products feature super-concentrated formulas and biodegradable, recyclable, or reduced-waste packaging that eliminate 23 million pounds of packaging waste and 54 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.† Get Clean products are natural and nontoxic, with no harmful fumes, phosphates, phthalates, or bisphenol-A (BPA). 

The carbon block filter in our Get Clean Water Pitcher is certified to reduce up to 99% of lead and over 50 other contaminants, and is sourced from coconut shell carbon—recognized as the highest-quality because its pore structure allows it to trap a wide variety of contaminants. The coconuts are sustainably grown and our filters are produced in a closed stainless steel vessel that releases no emissions into the environment during processing.

The fish oil found in OmegaGuard® comes certified by Friend of the Sea®, an international conservation organization that follows strict criteria for sustainability. Friend of the Sea tracks fish populations and works with fishermen to set catch limits and avoid harvesting during spawning seasons. 

Backed by five patents, Vivix® contains a scientifically advanced, proprietary, all-natural blend of powerful polyphenols designed to help protect and repair DNA to Slow aging at the cellular level®*. Our patented extraction process concentrates and preserves these bioactive polyphenols from the world’s most potent sources, including the rare muscadine grape.

To ensure eco-friendly use of the muscadine grape, Shaklee has developed a long-term partnership with Paulk Vineyards in Georgia, started by Jacob Paulk—a fourth-generation farmer who is committed to the highest standards of green and sustainable farming. 

 At Shaklee we care about your health and we care about the Earth's health. We've always done that and always will. 

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