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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Glucose Regulation Complex - Helps retain normal blood-sugar levels*

The number of people with high blood sugar has been climbing rapidly in all age groups. 
❍ An estimated 16 million Americans – including at least 300,000 children – have seriously high levels of glucose in their blood.
❍ At least one-third of these people do not know it. 
❍ Increased 70% for people in their 30’s within the past decade.

Glucose Regulation Complex takes a new approach to glucose regulation* 

Glucose Regulation Complex promotes sensitivity of cell receptors to aid in normal glucose transport into cells.* 
Glucose Regulation Complex helps the body make efficient use of the insulin it already produces so as to promote long-term cardiovascular health and to help retain normal blood glucose levels.* 
❍ Unique combination of minerals, botanical & antioxidants 
● The best of nature and science 
● 100% Shaklee guaranteed

How Do The Ingredients Work?

Promotes efficient glucose utilization.* 
❍ Magnesium, chromium, zinc and vanadium support the body’s ability to process glucose.* Aids normal glucose transport into cells and normal responsiveness of cells to insulin.* 
❍ Banaba leaf extract, magnesium and chromium promote efficient transport of glucose from the blood into cells, helping the body to retain normal blood glucose levels.* The antioxidants alpha lipoic acid, zinc, and taurine help protect the integrity of cells so they can respond normally to insulin.*

Helps sustain energy and prevent rapid blood sugar declines that can lead to food cravings.* When taken as part of a healthful, high-fiber diet, chromium and banaba leaf extract can help stave off blood sugar crashes that can lead to feelings of low energy, hunger, carbohydrate cravings, and between-meal snacking.* 

Provides antioxidant protection and helps to recycle vitamins C and E for additional antioxidant activity.* Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant in itself, but it also helps recharge the antioxidant protection of Vitamins C and E.* Zinc and chromium also have significant effects on oxidative stress.

Who Can Benefit From Glucose Regulation Complex*?

● Adult men and women who want to retain normal blood sugar levels. 
● Those wanting to help sustain energy and prevent blood sugar crashes that can lead to carbohydrate cravings. 
● Those who are making lifestyle changes to help maintain long-term health 
About 1 in 4 Americans, that’s 70 million people, could benefit from support to help the body make more efficient use of the insulin it produces.

Users’ Experiences With Glucose Regulation Complex*

"I can tell the food choices that I'm craving are not sugary carbohydrate type foods. It's more the proteins and the vegetables that are complex carbohydrates, which is a switch for me."
- J. Glacken (Illinois)

"I think people are really searching for something safe that they can rely on and they don't have to worry about some of the questionable things that are on the market."
- J. Carter 

"In the 30 some years that we’ve been associated with Shaklee, I just have the greatest confidence in their research, and that they would not even be testing a product that was not safe or that was not going to live up to their standards. I'm so excited about the possibilities of this product, not only for me and for my family, but for many other people who have some of the same concerns that I do about health issues."
- J. Boltinghouse (Iowa)

How Can I Get Shaklee Glucose Regulation Complex*?

You can find it here: Glucose Regulation Complex*

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Questions? Contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab up top and letting us know how we can help you. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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