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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Arm Yourself For The Cold & Flu Season

It’s October, have you already been sick?

As you can imagine, we are really focused on prevention of illnesses. We fully believe that a strong immune system is your best defense and we are dedicated to helping you build your immune system.

I’m sure you are already aware at how expensive being sick can be. In addition to just feeling awful, you lose money in days off of work, either to care for yourself or a sick child. You also spend a lot of money at the doctor’s office and pharmacy.

Wouldn’t it be better to not get sick at all? Even if you do succumb to a virus, many people who have made the investment of building a healthy immune system seem to have less severe symptoms and a shorter time down.

We have some wonderful immune boosting ideas as well as what to do at that moment when you feel something starting to come on. We can teach you how to have a “Natural Medicine Cabinet” to go to when you and the family are getting invaded by viruses.

Don’t wait till you and the kids get sick, prepare to do battle with the cold & flu season now! We can help you get ready and arm you with all the battle tools you’ll need. Be sure and contact us today to learn how.

Here are some of the items I keep in our “arsenal”, the kitchen cabinet for when we are exposed to a virus or feel like we are getting something:

Vitalized Immunity                         Garlic
Nutriferon                                       Zinc
Vit. C                                               Vita-Lea
Optiflora                                         Defend & Resist

If you are a member of Shaklee you have probably received our recent postcard, “Say Boo to the Flu”. This has a picture of some of the items we recommend. If you mention the postcard when you call me, I will send you a free gift, just for asking about them!
Be sure and get with me to learn how to keep you and everyone in your home healthy!

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