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Friday, November 4, 2016

Immunity Power Pack Sale

Immunity Power Pack Article ENG

Don’t miss the holiday fun!  As temperatures drop and the days get shorter it is a great time to power your immune system with this tremendous trio of products.

In our Immunity Power Pack you will get: 


Why you’ll love it

Specialized immune support to help keep your body primed and ready to defend.* 
Ideal for daily use.

The Shaklee Difference

Provides immune support at the cellular level.  Patented blend of plant extracts designed to naturally increase levels of interferon, which is crucial to healthy immune function.*

Vitalized Immunity

Why you’ll love it

Nutritional support to help your immune system stay strong -- with a delicious, effervescent drink.* 
Ideal as an added blast of immune support when facing everyday stress or travel.*

The Shaklee Difference

Contains as much vitamin C as 16 oranges. Exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals, and a proprietary herbal formula – naturally sweetened with monk fruit.

Defend & Resist

Why you’ll love it

Helps maintain a healthy immune response.*
Ideal when you feel that first tickle.

The Shaklee Difference

Unique combination of traditional herbal immune support – Echinacea, larch tree and elderberry.* Also includes 100% DV of zinc.

And now through November 30th when you purchase Nutriferon® and Vitalized Immunity, you get Defend & Resist for just $5.00. That’s over $10 discount off Member price.

Members get additional 15% off on everything. Membership benefits include NO annual fees, NO buying minimums, NO obligations - just save money, get free samples and much, much more!
So be sure to check out all the member benefits and get yours today! 
Have questions? Just drop us a line by clicking the "Contact Us" tab up top and we will be happy to help.

PLEASE NOTE: Must order special pack SKU #89425 to get discounted price.

Be sure to get your Immunity Power Pack today before you get sick!


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