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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jacqui McCoy's Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Jacqui McCoy, record-setting contestant on Extreme Weight Loss, learned that it was important to lose weight the right way. Shaklee 180 helped her find the right approach and, along the way, happiness.
Watch Jacqui's inspiring story:

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Be well,

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Monday, August 28, 2017

"I Get To Work From Home With Dogs Under My Desk And Cats In My Inbox"

After 40 years, my Shaklee story is quite a story.

In the late '60s when I went to college, John F. Kennedy was someone we quoted all the time. He said, all your life you're going to have to make choices; you're going to be part of the problem, or you're going to be part of the solution. 
That stuck when I was a teenager, and it became a model for my life. And then I found Shaklee ­– a company with a conscience that made biodegradable cleaners.
Through Shaklee, I discovered the whole idea of supplementation and building health and teaching others how to do the same. My health improved so dramatically that I looked around for other people to practice on. First there was my husband, then my family, and then my circle of friends. And every time I shared the products with more people, they got results, too.
I fell into the business accidentally, but I found that I loved it. I loved every piece of it. Building a Shaklee business is an exciting and rewarding way to live your life.
Every day is rewarding because you get to use your brain. You get to look for solutions, ideas and new ways to meet new people. And you look for problems that only you can find a solution to.
My last bonus check was for $15,000. I get to work from home with dogs under my desk and cats in my inbox, and I can go see my grandkids whenever I like. 
I have freedom, and I have purpose. I have a wonderful life and I'm very grateful for it.
I’m only sorry I never got to meet Dr. Shaklee in person.

– Barbara L.

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*The average annual income in 2014 for the Business Leader ranks ranged from $10,357 for Directors, $13,317 for Senior Directors, $20,859 for Coordinators,  $48,419 for Executive Coordinators, $89,422 for Key Coordinators, $204,168 for Master Coordinators, to $626,265 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Average annual income is based on the monthly amounts reported on Form 1099-MISC for all Business Leaders at that rank.  The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported in the income disclosure statement. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Free Copy of SuperWellness for SuperKids— A Parent’s Guide

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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Accidental Entrepreneur

"I’m an accidental entrepreneur with a recipe for awesome success." 

"I was working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. Now I have one career, and it’s Shaklee"

Shaklee has changed my life in so many ways it’s crazy! I was an actor, living the life of the starving artist, and working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. I had just come off a national tour, which, as exciting as that was, had really run my health into the ground. One of my jobs was working a health fair, and I happened across Shaklee by chance.

Now I have one career, and it’s Shaklee. I work with incredible, creative, artistic individuals who are able to work on their art or craft and also earn a steady living, and even make a positive difference in other people’s lives. I feel like all creative people want to leave their mark on the world, and Shaklee is the ideal vehicle for that.

Of course I love the flexibility; everyone with Shaklee appreciates that. But there are so many other benefits! I can help other people attain that freedom. I feel a real responsibility to educate and empower people to take better control of their health and make better choices about what to put into their bodies. I feel the same responsibility for the health of our planet.

For me, it’s about the community. We live in such an age of texting, social media, and emails that we have become disconnected. Sometimes you can brighten someone’s day just by smiling and asking how they’re doing. You’d be amazed where these conversations can take you! When you learn more about people’s lives, you can think of ways to help them.

If every corporation practiced the Golden Rule, so many problems would be solved. I can do my piece by being part of a company that practices what it preaches. We all work together instead of competing against each other; it’s a community of people coming together to make a positive change in the world.

With Shaklee, I succeed only by helping others succeed. That’s why I love this industry and partner with Shaklee! I’m an accidental entrepreneur with a recipe for awesome success.

— Jen M.

To learn more about what Jen is doing you can visit our website: 

or you can click the "Contact Us" tab up top and let us know you would like to learn more, the best way to contact you and someone will be in touch soon.

*The average annual income in 2014 for the Business Leader ranks ranged from $10,357 for Directors, $13,317 for Senior Directors, $20,859 for Coordinators,  $48,419 for Executive Coordinators, $89,422 for Key Coordinators, $204,168 for Master Coordinators, to $626,265 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Average annual income is based on the monthly amounts reported on Form 1099-MISC for all Business Leaders at that rank.  The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported in the income disclosure statement. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Are You Covered?

That seems to be the loaded question lately.

Health care in the U.S. can be complicated and expensive. That we all agree on.

Whether you support new health care policies or you're against them, the one thing we all have in common is we need to find ways to lower the costs of health care.

It isn't actually "health care", let’s call it what it really is - 
"sick care". And sick care is going to break us if we don’t change what we’re doing.

The best way for individuals and the companies who employ them to keep costs down is for these individuals to become healthier.

When people adopt healthier lifestyles they not only improve the quality of their lives by feeling better, they are less likely to develop debilitating diseases requiring less medications, less visits to specialists and less or shorter hospital stays. 

They also have a longer health span with the elderly being healthier and more mobile. This lowers the cost of long term care.

Then these people teach their lifestyle to their children causing the next generations to also adopt this healthier way of living, thereby lowering the costs in the future.

Lowering the cost of maintaining people's lives and providing a healthier and more productive society for a much longer period of time, is what we need to do.

The way to get the population to benefit from this relies solely in the art of prevention.
This is the only way we can get our health care costs down.

Waiting to treat after someone is sick is much more costly than preventing the person from getting sick in the first place.

And it makes no sense to those of us who don’t stand to benefit financially from a sick person.

Our money is being exhausted by a very sick society and greed is the driving force behind it.

Even with all the information on how to stay healthy, we are still falling behind in our health.

Why do you think that is?

Are people really that lazy?

I don’t think so.

Sure, there are some who just flat refuse to do what they know to do to be healthy, but the majority of us do make a good effort and have made some good strides.

We know what were supposed to eat and how to exercise, so why are we still not getting better as a whole?

One reason may be is prevention is still not the number one priority of the health professionals in this country. They still aren’t taught much about nutrition in medical school, they aren’t encouraged to teach their patients the art of prevention and there are no incentives to do so.

There is no money in prevention.

The drug companies would go broke if people started to take control of their health and require less and less medications. So large drug companies have no interest in prevention.

There would be less health professionals and specialists needed since there would be fewer people needing their services.

The food industry would lose large amounts of money if the majority of the population stopped buying processed food and fast food.

Individuals find it hard to justify the upfront costs of eating healthier foods which do cost significantly more.

Quality food supplements are no longer a fancy whim, they are a proven necessity with the lower nutritional value of our foods and sourcing quality, chemical free ingredients for them is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive in this more polluted world.

People also have a hard time carving out time out of their busy schedules to exercise. They have to work so many hours to make enough money to live on and to afford health insurance.

This country, its leaders and its citizens are looking for answers in the wrong place.

It shouldn’t have anything to do with what’s covered and what isn’t. It should have everything to do with prevention and how to get people healthier.

Providing incentives for people to adopt healthier lifestyles and making sure our health professionals and companies are all on board will ultimately lower our costs as we slowly change from a sick society buckling under the weight of the costs of maintaining it, to a healthy society that also leads to healthier economy and stronger society over all.

Could it really be that simple?
Well, it may not be simple, but it can’t be any more complicated than what we are already doing!

It takes time, effort and willingness to really want to change – not only as an individual, but as a society as well.

It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

Just like when you first start a new eating and exercise program, there will be sacrifices and pain in the beginning, but as we keep going we will find ourselves slowly improving, getting stronger, healthier and ultimately happier.

Please share with us your thoughts below in the comments.

We want "You" To Be Healthy.

Be well my friends

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Health Chat: Healthy Joints

Below is a recording to our Health Chat: Healthy Joints

I hope you find the information we share to be helpful and as always, if you need to talk more in depth about your personal health needs, just click the "Contact Me" tab up top and fill out the short form. Just tell me the best method for contact and we'll set up a time to chat.

Here is the link to the HealthPrint mentioned in the video:

Feel free to look around the rest of the website:

Thank you for watching! 

Shaklee Performance On Special This Month

Shaklee Performance, the leading sports re-hydration drink is on special this month.

When you buy 3 Team Packs (either flavor) you get 3 Team Packs at 50% off!

This is an awesome offer for those who use a lot of Performance like sports teams, gym owners and personal trainers.

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Shaklee Performance

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Reasons Why You May Have Trouble With Energy & Fatigue

Do you ever experience fatigue & mood swings throughout your day? 
Do you have short periods of energy followed by energy slumps causing sluggishness and lack of focus?

Have you ever thought about what you do throughout the day might contribute to how you feel?

It may have to do with your sugar levels.

I'm not referring to those who are diabetic, but they understand this principal better than the general population. 

The factors are still the same and if you don't get control of your sugar levels now, you may end up having to become an expert in them when you are diagnosed with diabetes later.

Let's look at a typical person's sugar levels throughout the day.

If we were to do a glucose test on you from the time you woke up, throughout the day until you went to bed, it might look something like this picture below:

Looks kind of like a heartbeat, doesn't it?
Up, down. Up, down.

Does it make sense now why you may be experiencing times when you have a bit of energy, but then they are followed by times of extreme fatigue, sluggishness and brain fog?

When we wake up our sugar levels are typically low. We need to replenish our energy stores to get our bodies operating efficiently.

So we eat to get fuel to get moving.

Think about what you eat for breakfast, assuming you even do eat anything.

Do you eat a sugary cereal or one with a lot of starches combined with high amounts of caffeine?

Up goes your sugar - way up.

Then comes mid morning and down it goes. 

So you eat a little snack. 

Maybe a granola bar or a doughnut at the morning meeting. Maybe two doughnuts? Don't forget the extra shots of caffeine.

Back up your sugar goes, but it doesn't last long. You make it till lunch, then eat a burger with some fries and more caffeine and up goes your sugar again.

You may be productive for awhile riding that sugar high, but come around 2:00 down the slide it goes and boy does it crash hard!

So out comes the leftover doughnuts from this morning, or a candy bar from the vending machine and of course more caffeine.

This gets you through until you can eat dinner. 

You may try and include some veggies, thinking you are doing your body good, but chances are you are also having a heavy meat like beef and heavy starches like potatoes.

And guess what you're craving soon after doing the dishes?

Out comes the ice cream.

This may then cause you to have a bit of energy to finish some chores or more typically it causes you to be sluggish, sitting on the couch where you're just trying to get up enough energy to go to bed.

Now, look at this picture below of a person who decides to take a different route to their day.

Their energy levels climb, but not too rapidly and they stay pretty even throughout the day. This means they have more sustained energy and feel better overall.

Would you like to learn more about having a more even sugar climb and find a way to keep it on a gentle curve without wild swings in levels, thereby having more even energy?

It's not too hard, it just takes a bit of planning.

Think of it kind of like a road map. If we were trying to get someplace in an efficient manner, you would want to take the most direct route. You wouldn't want to go way out of your way by 200 miles every few hours.

North 200 miles, South 200 miles. Up, down. Up, down. Get it?
You would want to go more of an even route across, right?

Think of sugar levels the same way. The best way to help them climb efficiently and stay up without huge swings is by eating certain types of food throughout the day.

Don't freak out and think you can never eat a meeting doughnut again, just keep in mind what is going to happen and learn the ways to help offset the damage to help you get back on course.

Take breakfast - the most important meal of the day. 
Our bodies are dehydrated from our overnight fast. Drink a full glass of water upon waking. 
You can add a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar or a squeeze of lemon for a great detoxifyer. 
Consider getting a good water filter.

Then eat a breakfast high in protein, but low in fat. This excludes bacon, sausage, etc. Doughnuts? Um yeah, no.

Try a good vegetable soy protein or whey. Smoothies are great for the mornings. They're fast, easy and can be good for you. Just make sure they are the right kind. This is the one we use in our home - Protein Shakes

You can add fruits and even some veggies like raw spinach which has no taste when added to a smoothie.

Watch fruit juices, which can be really high in sugar.

For mid morning snack, try fruit, whole grains and even raw veggies.

For lunch you can do another protein smoothie or a salad with lean protein like chicken. Watch the dressings and toppings, though. Go easy on those bacon bits and try and keep add ons like that down to special days.

For afternoon snack, try and do something similar to your morning snack. Avoid starch laden foods like chips and crackers.

With dinner, add in more veggies and lean protein, but go easy on the starches. It's OK to have some, but just know that starchy foods can raise your sugar levels even higher than sugary foods.

I think it's OK to have a light snack after dinner, but watch the calories and sugar levels. And try and not to eat right before bed, which can cause acid reflux and heartburn.

Now caffeine. While it's perfectly fine to have some coffee and tea throughout your day, if you learn better ways to eat, you won't need as much caffeine to help you get through your day. 
So slowly back off the caffeine until you are consuming lesser amounts.
Caffeine is a short term stimulant and while it does have it's benefits, it can quickly become a problem if you consume too much.

So if you cave and eat three doughnuts during the meeting so you won't tell the boss what you're really thinking of his plan, there is some damage control you can do.

Fiber can become your best friend. Have some fiber tabs handy to help offset the sugar. It helps keep sugar levels more even.

Another set of vitamins that really help with this are the 
B vitamins. They help to pull the energy from the food we eat and help control mood swings. B vitamins are the happy vitamins. 

Water. Drink lots of water with no flavor additives.

Go walk. Walk to that coworker instead of calling or emailing. Go for a walk at lunch - whatever you can do to get your muscles moving to help use up those extra stores of sugar and calories.

So you can still enjoy that piece of cake at your coworker's retirement party because you know of ways to help offset the sugar swings that come with it.

There is another way to help keep your sugar levels throughout the day under control - Exercise. 

Yep, I just went there.

You thought it was just going to be about food didn't you?
Do I really need to go into a long conversation about that? 

Face it, you KNOW you need to exercise regularly. 
So get out there - walk, ride a bike, go to the gym, follow an exercise tape - just do something and get moving!

There you go.
I'm willing to bet that if you try and follow a different road throughout your day your destination will be a healthier, fitter, more pleasant and energized you!

Because we want You To Be Healthy!

Be well my friends.

Would you like to have a personalized health assessment?

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What IS a Working Mom Really Bringing Home?

Below is just an example, but from the feedback I’ve received, it proves to be quite accurate. 

The figures may be conservative - you may make more, but chances are the expenses are more as well.


Monthly Income: $10/hr X 40 hrs/wk = $1,733/month

If you figure in preparation/travel time...a person working 40 hrs/wk probably uses another 2 hrs/day getting ready and traveling to/from, which makes it 50 hrs/wk.

Child Care: 1 child in full-time daycare at $100/week x 4 wks = $400/month (NOTE: some are in full-time daycare and after-school care) 

Taxes: the average person pays a minimum of 20% of their income in taxes (20% of $1600 = $320/month
Gas: this can really vary but today we know it’s a very real expense … let's say 1 tank of gas per week @ $40 = $160/month 

Clothing: professional clothing, uniforms, dry cleaning... $100/month 

Food Costs: eating lunch out, cafeteria, coffee or snack machines – we’ll budget a rather modest $5/day x 5 days/wk = $100/month 

MISC Expenses: housekeeper? summer camps? ...won't put numbers here, but definitely potential for add'l costs.

SUMMARY - $1,733 monthly income less $1,080 expenses = $653 bring-home pay = $4.08/hr (even less when travel/prep time are factored in).

Is $4/hour worth the stress & being away from home 40-50 hours a week? 

Shaklee has been a viable alternative for so many ... where you can work from home, set your own hours, sidestep so many “working” expenses. And you simultaneously benefit from free training, low overhead, reasonable start up costs, great tax advantages ... and more available time to do the things that matter most!

If you want to make a solid determination as to whether or not this is a business for you, then contact me.  
I promise to give you a realistic overview 
of what you can expect. 

There is only one success - 
to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

Just fill out this short form below and tell us you would like some more information.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Key To Success In Losing Weight & Getting Healthier

Many people will spend their last dollar on a miracle weight loss pill.

They will spend half their month’s pay on a diet program with slick advertisements that look like science.

They will give it their all for a couple of weeks or even months then quit as they fall into a state of depression thinking they will never achieve their health goals.

Do you want to know what they all have in common?

They have the desire to achieve a different result, but they didn’t change themselves.

See, in order for things to change, in order for our circumstances to change, in order for our failures to change into successes, we must change.

That’s right, we must change ourselves, our thinking, our actions before anything we set out to achieve.

Until we change our thinking, we will never change our actions.

Until we change our actions, we will never change our circumstances.

Until we change our circumstances, we will never change our lives.

It first starts with what we think about. If we only think about the negative like,

“Don’t eat this or that.”

“Don’t do this or don’t do that.”

“I always cave into my cravings, I never can seem to resist junk food.”

“I’m a stress eater, I always seem to get stressed and blow my diet.”

“My joints hurt and keep me from doing the exercises like I’m supposed to.”

“I always screw up.”

You get the picture.

We should always focus on the positive. We need to talk to ourselves in an encouraging way a lot like you would to a dear friend.

We need to say to ourselves things like,

“I know this time I will succeed in achieving my health goal because I am committed and I have found a sound way to start.”

“I am committed to following a healthy way to lose weight and get healthier.”

“I will reward myself when I make good choices and forgive myself for the times that I don’t. I refuse to feel condemned just because I eat a cookie.”

“I can start by doing light walking. I know that my speed and endurance will build “

“I look forward to how I will feel when I achieve my health goals.”

“I am happy with myself right now and am only looking to improve on what I already have. I refuse to base my self-worth on how I look.”

“I am more than what my scale says. I am more than the size of my clothes. I will remind myself of at least one good thing about me every day. I am my own best friend.” 

"I can do this. I will do this."

Read both sets of sentences out loud. Notice how you feel when you say the negative words to yourself? Do they sound familiar? Do they seem easy to say to yourself?

Now read the encouraging words to yourself. How do you feel? Do you feel good when you read them, but it seems awkward and hard to embrace for yourself?

So what if you feel silly reading the encouraging words to yourself. It only feels strange because you are so used to saying the negative words to yourself.

Start making yourself say the positive words over and over every day and it won’t be long till the right words sound better and come easier than the negative.

What we think and do every day becomes our actions and habits.

We act upon our thoughts. The part of our brains that cause us to take actions take their orders from the parts of our brains that produce our thoughts. They don’t care what the orders are – negative or positive – they just know they must produce the actions that are according to the thoughts produced.

Think negatively – and your brain will make sure you act negatively. The same holds true for positive thoughts – think positively and your brain will say, OK and produce positive actions.

Get the picture?

This can take a little time as new habits need to be developed till the old habits get crowded out, but just like anything else, with practice, deliberate practice, it becomes easier until its second nature or we won’t have to consciously think about thinking that way.

Then naturally our actions will follow. Our actions will automatically reflect our thinking. We start making better choices about everything including our eating and exercising as well as many other life choices.

And guess what? When we change our thinking, then ultimately our actions – we change the way we look.

That’s right, our appearance magically transforms us to reflect what we think and what we do.

It’s not magic really, it’s truth.

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all experienced it and we all know it to be true.

Both positive and negative people can be identified by how they look, how they speak and how they act.

So, back to the original title, “The Key To Success In Losing Weight & Getting Healthier” – it all starts with our thoughts, that lead to our actions, that lead to our lives changing.

It’s up to us it we want that change to be positive change or not.

Remember this quote,

“What you think, you look. What you think, you do. What you think, you are!”
~Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

Write it out and read it every day. Make a commitment to change you so you can change your weight, your health and ultimately your life!

Be well my friends.

We want You – To Be Healthy

Want to know your health score? Take our HealthPrint and find out. 20 questions can help you get started on a healthier life right now. And it’s FREE!

Take less than 10 minutes to answer some questions and HealthPrint gives you personalized diet and lifestyle scores. 

Receive personalized health recommendations sourced from leading authorities including the Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association and World Health Organization.

Tell us you want to take our HealthPrint by clicking the “Contact Us” tab up top and tell us you want to get your own personal health score. 
Be sure to tell us how you want to answer the questions - either online - we can email it to you or we can mail you a paper questionnaire that you can fill out and mail back.

Those who take the HealthPrint and want to receive a 
free wellness consultation can also receive a free bottle of Vita-D3
Just tell us you want to talk about your health score with a wellness consultant and we will help you schedule that.

Consultation is not required to take the HealthPrint and receive your health score.

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