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Thursday, March 16, 2017

10 Tips To Help Prevent Stress Eating

Does this describe your life?

Work is going through another round of layoffs. The kids are sick and involved in too many activities. Your spouse is driving you crazy. Your mom called and she needs your help this weekend. And on, and on, and on. The stress never ends.

You are often running on fumes, both physically and mentally. So you reach for the food. The carbs, the chocolate, the sugar. The easy and handy stuff that while you’re eating it releases that feel good hormone, but the moment you stop or when the bag is empty, you feel just……awful. Defeated. Ashamed. Angry at yourself and your lack of discipline.

Emotional eating – eating when we are stressed or depressed can sneak up on you. It steals your joy, your energy and your self-esteem.

It creeps in slowly and takes over your health, bite by bite, slowly and steadily until one day those favorite jeans or that beautiful blouse is now not looking so good on you. If you can get into it at all.

If you have ever collapsed on the bed in tears, then I get you. I’ve been there. I know just how you feel. I used to be a big stress eater and I admit, there are times I still do, but I’ve learned to find other things to turn to instead of the bags of chips.

It helps to talk to someone who knows exactly how you feel and who has learned ways to overcome the cycle.

Let me pull you back up on your feet. Here are few tips you can use for when the stress eating monster comes knocking and shaking a bag of cookies in front of you:

1. Don’t Buy It.
If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it. And don’t use the fact that you have kids as an excuse to buy a bunch of cookies, cakes and crackers. They don’t need it either and you want to teach them healthier eating habits. You don’t want your kids to learn to stress eat, too, do you?

2. Have Healthier Choices Ready.
Sometimes all we need is that “crunch”. Crunchy veggies are free. This means you can eat as many as you like. So make sure you have them washed, cut and ready to grab in small containers, so you can flop down on the couch and crunch away till your stress moment passes. Get some of your favorite dip, just go a bit easy on it.

3. Reevaluate What Is Stressing You Out.
If it’s a person, do they really mean that much to you? Is it someone whose opinion truly matters? Are they just someone who is nasty to everybody and it just happened to be your turn? Stop and think if this person’s opinion is worth your health. Chances are, they aren’t so don’t let them get to you.
If it’s your schedule, then change it. You can’t manage time, but you can manage your schedule. Learn the power of “NO”.

4. Resist The Urge To Complain.
It may be tempting to call that friend or make that negative post on social media yet again about the person that upset you or the work day you had, but try and resist the urge to do so. Don’t dwell on the negative and then put it out there in the universe. Look for and think about the positive. It may take some looking, but the positive is there if you really look for it. It's OK to talk to someone when you really need to get a fresh perspective or to vent occasionally. But, if you are a "habitual complainer", everyone, even your friends are really sick of hearing it.

5. Find What Relaxes You.
Take a walk. Pet the dog. Read a book. Take a bubble bath. Find what you enjoy doing that relaxes you and turn to it at stressful moments. If you’re at work, then get up and walk outside for a few minutes if you can. Tell them you have to get something from your car. Take the stairs and the long way around the building. The walk will calm you down and get you closer to your steps goal for the day.
Can’t do that? Then walk around on the inside at work, taking the stairs, etc. Take a file folder with some papers in it to look more official. Instead of emailing your question to a colleague, go ask them in person. The fact that you are getting up and moving will help curb the craving to reach for food.

6. Use Visualization.
Picture yourself in your happy place. The beach. The mountains. The pool. In the backyard playing with your kids. Where would you go if you could? Go there in your mind. Close your eyes and really picture it. See the colors of the sunset. Smell the fragrant flowers. Hear the kids’ laughter. Really put yourself there.

7. Breathe.
Deep breathing can do wonders to reset your mood. Taking in several deep, slow breaths lowers your heart rate, your blood pressure and it helps to stop the release of cortisol that stress produces. It also helps release more serotonin, the feel good hormone.

8. Exercise.
If you can’t get much exercise in at work or at lunch then make it a priority to get it in at home or at the gym. Actually make an appointment and write it on your daily calendar and make it a priority. When we exercise regularly we can handle stress much more easily as our bodies produce more of the good hormones when we exercise and it releases the toxins that have built up. Being more fit helps our bodies and our brains handle stress better.

9. Take a B-Complex and a Stress Relief Complex:
Shaklee makes two great products to help combat stress. Your body will get depleted of B Vitamins really quickly when you are under stress. 
These two products help to relieve stress and help fight cravings. You must take the B vitamins all in the right balance though. Never take just one or too much of one B vitamin as it will throw off the balance of the other B vitamins. 
That is why I love Shaklee’s B-Complex. It has all the B Vitamins in the right balance and right ratio.
Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex is awesome to take at stressful moments. It works fast, does not make you drowsy, but helps you stay alert. You just find that what was bothering you, just doesn’t anymore. Many people say that it works just as well as Valium or Xanax for them, but without the side effects or addictiveness.
So try them out and let me know how well they work for you.
Find them here:

10. One last thing – Forgive yourself when you slip up. There may be times that you just cave and eat the whole sleeve of Girl Scout Cookies. Forgive yourself. Pick yourself up, wipe the cookie crumbs off your shirt and go on. It’s OK, just know we all do it, myself included and you won’t be judged here.

If you need to talk more about getting healthier or have a specific health or vitamin question, just click the “Contact Us” tab up top and tell us you need to talk. We will get in touch with you.

Be well, my friends.

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