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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Key To Success In Losing Weight & Getting Healthier

Many people will spend their last dollar on a miracle weight loss pill.

They will spend half their month’s pay on a diet program with slick advertisements that look like science.

They will give it their all for a couple of weeks or even months then quit as they fall into a state of depression thinking they will never achieve their health goals.

Do you want to know what they all have in common?

They have the desire to achieve a different result, but they didn’t change themselves.

See, in order for things to change, in order for our circumstances to change, in order for our failures to change into successes, we must change.

That’s right, we must change ourselves, our thinking, our actions before anything we set out to achieve.

Until we change our thinking, we will never change our actions.

Until we change our actions, we will never change our circumstances.

Until we change our circumstances, we will never change our lives.

It first starts with what we think about. If we only think about the negative like,

“Don’t eat this or that.”

“Don’t do this or don’t do that.”

“I always cave into my cravings, I never can seem to resist junk food.”

“I’m a stress eater, I always seem to get stressed and blow my diet.”

“My joints hurt and keep me from doing the exercises like I’m supposed to.”

“I always screw up.”

You get the picture.

We should always focus on the positive. We need to talk to ourselves in an encouraging way a lot like you would to a dear friend.

We need to say to ourselves things like,

“I know this time I will succeed in achieving my health goal because I am committed and I have found a sound way to start.”

“I am committed to following a healthy way to lose weight and get healthier.”

“I will reward myself when I make good choices and forgive myself for the times that I don’t. I refuse to feel condemned just because I eat a cookie.”

“I can start by doing light walking. I know that my speed and endurance will build “

“I look forward to how I will feel when I achieve my health goals.”

“I am happy with myself right now and am only looking to improve on what I already have. I refuse to base my self-worth on how I look.”

“I am more than what my scale says. I am more than the size of my clothes. I will remind myself of at least one good thing about me every day. I am my own best friend.” 

"I can do this. I will do this."

Read both sets of sentences out loud. Notice how you feel when you say the negative words to yourself? Do they sound familiar? Do they seem easy to say to yourself?

Now read the encouraging words to yourself. How do you feel? Do you feel good when you read them, but it seems awkward and hard to embrace for yourself?

So what if you feel silly reading the encouraging words to yourself. It only feels strange because you are so used to saying the negative words to yourself.

Start making yourself say the positive words over and over every day and it won’t be long till the right words sound better and come easier than the negative.

What we think and do every day becomes our actions and habits.

We act upon our thoughts. The part of our brains that cause us to take actions take their orders from the parts of our brains that produce our thoughts. They don’t care what the orders are – negative or positive – they just know they must produce the actions that are according to the thoughts produced.

Think negatively – and your brain will make sure you act negatively. The same holds true for positive thoughts – think positively and your brain will say, OK and produce positive actions.

Get the picture?

This can take a little time as new habits need to be developed till the old habits get crowded out, but just like anything else, with practice, deliberate practice, it becomes easier until its second nature or we won’t have to consciously think about thinking that way.

Then naturally our actions will follow. Our actions will automatically reflect our thinking. We start making better choices about everything including our eating and exercising as well as many other life choices.

And guess what? When we change our thinking, then ultimately our actions – we change the way we look.

That’s right, our appearance magically transforms us to reflect what we think and what we do.

It’s not magic really, it’s truth.

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all experienced it and we all know it to be true.

Both positive and negative people can be identified by how they look, how they speak and how they act.

So, back to the original title, “The Key To Success In Losing Weight & Getting Healthier” – it all starts with our thoughts, that lead to our actions, that lead to our lives changing.

It’s up to us it we want that change to be positive change or not.

Remember this quote,

“What you think, you look. What you think, you do. What you think, you are!”
~Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

Write it out and read it every day. Make a commitment to change you so you can change your weight, your health and ultimately your life!

Be well my friends.

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