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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What IS a Working Mom Really Bringing Home?

Below is just an example, but from the feedback I’ve received, it proves to be quite accurate. 

The figures may be conservative - you may make more, but chances are the expenses are more as well.


Monthly Income: $10/hr X 40 hrs/wk = $1,733/month

If you figure in preparation/travel time...a person working 40 hrs/wk probably uses another 2 hrs/day getting ready and traveling to/from, which makes it 50 hrs/wk.

Child Care: 1 child in full-time daycare at $100/week x 4 wks = $400/month (NOTE: some are in full-time daycare and after-school care) 

Taxes: the average person pays a minimum of 20% of their income in taxes (20% of $1600 = $320/month
Gas: this can really vary but today we know it’s a very real expense … let's say 1 tank of gas per week @ $40 = $160/month 

Clothing: professional clothing, uniforms, dry cleaning... $100/month 

Food Costs: eating lunch out, cafeteria, coffee or snack machines – we’ll budget a rather modest $5/day x 5 days/wk = $100/month 

MISC Expenses: housekeeper? summer camps? ...won't put numbers here, but definitely potential for add'l costs.

SUMMARY - $1,733 monthly income less $1,080 expenses = $653 bring-home pay = $4.08/hr (even less when travel/prep time are factored in).

Is $4/hour worth the stress & being away from home 40-50 hours a week? 

Shaklee has been a viable alternative for so many ... where you can work from home, set your own hours, sidestep so many “working” expenses. And you simultaneously benefit from free training, low overhead, reasonable start up costs, great tax advantages ... and more available time to do the things that matter most!

If you want to make a solid determination as to whether or not this is a business for you, then contact me.  
I promise to give you a realistic overview 
of what you can expect. 

There is only one success - 
to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

Just fill out this short form below and tell us you would like some more information.

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